It's past time for women to join Marx in burying feminism and declaring ourselves free

It's past time for women to join Marx in burying feminism and declaring ourselves free

It's past time for women to join Marx in burying feminism and declaring ourselves free

The first feminist movement was successful because it had clear goals and emphasised the importance of personal responsibility. The modern version is a disorganised and fractious far-left fringe that revels in victimisation. "I announce to you that a woman must not depend on the protection of a man, but must be educated to protect herself, and there I take my position," the late suffragist Susan B. Anthony told a gathering in San Francisco in one of her most famous addresses. In 1871, Anthony sent a telegram asserting that women deserve equal rights in society, including the ability to vote. She advocated for women to first learn self-reliance and independence in order to achieve this. She was a tireless leader of the first wave of feminism, which helped achieve voting rights for women in the United States and inspired an international movement.

Because its founders had clear objectives, a vocabulary to articulate those objectives, and a unified organisation to carry them out, the first feminist movement, sometimes known as "first wave feminism," was able to achieve its goals. Independence, responsibility, courage, and hard effort were values that were highly valued in America at the time, according to the loud leaders of the day. They didn't achieve their objectives quickly or easily, but they had a plan and knew how to get there. We have the 19th Amendment in the United States thanks to the suffragettes.

By contrast, today's feminism resembles a disjointed political movement on the far left, with no clear tangible goals other than to stir up rage and divide people through identity politics. This new group shrugs off personal responsibility in favour of a victim mentality that blames women's issues on a nebulous 'patriarchy,' with a disdain for white men in particular. Men are the problem, capitalism should be abolished, and everyone and everything is racist, according to them. The Women's March, which is now regarded the epicentre of the modern-day feminist movement, was founded in 2017 not out of a desire to help women obtain any particular rights that we don't already have (as we all know, women in America have the same legal rights as men). The Women's March was founded in response to the election of former President Donald J. Trump, who, according to the march's executive director, would be "brutal to women." She didn't say how harsh he would be, but she did go into a long rant against him on the organization's website. 

How did American women in 2021 get so far away from the arduous work of nineteenth-century suffragists? To answer that, we must go back to the 1960s sexual revolution and the second wave of feminism, when imported German Marxism reared its ugly head. American ideals were widely criticised, thanks in part to Marxist radicals such campaigner Kate Millett, author of the 1960s book 'Sexual Politics.' Extremists like Millett penetrated our educational institutions and set out to destroy everything from the nuclear family to the concept of monogamy. Kate Millett succumbed to her mental illness in the end, but not before poisoning a whole generation with her ideas.

Women in the United States have more freedom than women everywhere else on the planet. We are not depending on the government to provide for us; instead, we are given the option to provide for and care for ourselves. That is the allure of a free country and capitalism based on free markets. It is no accident that capitalist countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Western nations are also the most free and conducive to women's success. However, freedom does not come without a price. Personal responsibility is necessary in a free society. And this appears to be frightening some people in 2021, which could explain the renewed demand for socialism.

Here's the reality. Yes, a large number of us will fail. We won't always receive what we desire, and the majority of us will have to make do with far less materially than others. With freedom, there is no guarantee of a positive outcome; instead, there is a guarantee of a positive outcome. And the way to achieve, whether you're a guy or a woman, is to take responsibility for yourself and your decisions. Blaming others or a system is akin to putting your fate in someone else's hands. It implies that you are powerless. But, in truth, we are not helpless in this situation.

Instead of making furious demands of the world, I recommend that we look within to see how we may improve ourselves. That we create, build, and contribute in whatever ways we can to our families and communities. I propose that both men and women recognise and emphasise that our rights come from God, not from man or government. Because only then will we be the true equals that the suffragettes fought so hard for us to become. And it is there that I make my stance.

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