What is schmooze dating app?

 What is schmooze dating app?

What is schmooze?_ ichhori.com

Could a humour-based algorithm be the key to your happily ever after? 

 For those looking to refresh their lovemaking game, Schmooze might be your answer. Schmooze is an app based on the belief that a shared sense of humour can unite people everywhere. 

 Vidya Madhavan, the application's founder, explains that a “humour algorithm” is used to match individuals based on their taste in memes. After noticing a trend in the way Gen Z uses dating applications, she refocused her idea onto a platform during which memes play a central role. The beta test began in August 2020, with 200 Stanford students trialling the new concept. As of immediately, the app has been downloaded quite times in the united states., with users able to swipe left and right on more than memes. 

 Since its debut, the application has remodelled matches, but only a small percentage of these have taken the subsequent step and moved onto the direct messaging function. Despite fierce competition in the tech industry, Schmooze is not your standard lovemaking application, gaining popularity in recent months as the United States emerged from state-imposed coronavirus lockdowns. Ulu Ventures invested $270,000 USD into the company in its latest seed round, so it is possible that new developments might be on the way soon. 

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