How Can I Find If My BF is on Tinder?

While the world has been grappling with the novel coronavirus and with lockdown setting in, all this has left partners stranded from each other on different continents. In today’s world everything has become digital- you can order food, sell your cars, buy clothes with just a click and not just this you can also find your ideal match through different dating apps because nobody truly wants to go out to look for a partner. While finding your better half in the comfort of your couch can be rewarding but it also brings with it a lot of doubts and hesitation. 

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Technology without a doubt has made relationships vulnerable and prone to doubts. New smartphones and a number of apps has just increased the complexities in a relationship and one does not know where to draw a line. 

With this pandemic lockdown it has just opened up new doors of cheating and trust issues amongst partners. Possessiveness is one key element that works remarkably in relationships. It is a reality that a woman doesn’t want to share her boyfriend with any other woman

According to a survey findings Russia is the country with the maximum number of stalker activities while India, Brazil, the United States and Germany follow. 

There have been frequent complaints from females of their partners either losing interest in them or the other half spending most of their time on their cell phones or laptops. Their significant others either hide or are reluctant to share passwords of their phones. Spying on your partner becomes very tempting when you suspect them of cheating, in this digital age it has become very easy, installing an undetectable app in their phones to check is just one of the solutions. Who wouldn’t want to check their tinder profiles, whatsapp or facebook messages.  

A new study released by polling company YOUGOV surveyed more than 1100 people and found that more than a third people had spied on their partner’s texts and social media handles once a week without their knowledge. 

Spying and checking on your lover has become the new normal amongst the other.

Methods to check on your boyfriend

Here are some very handy ways through which you could track your partner

First: Create a fake profile

If you cannot do a tinder search and in doubt, create a profile of yours, with a different name and some very attractive pictures. Next step would be to look for his profile swipe right and wait till it’s a match. He’s an active user if it’s a match. 

Second: Stalk 

If you've met each other on a dating app like tinder, your boyfriend’s profile will be easily accessible because you view a profile on if you are a match. All you have to do is search and check his profile if he’s been posting and updating his current pictures and locations. 

Third: Look out for other apps 

Many people try to connect their social media apps like facebook and instagram with dating apps for easy accessibility, you can check your partners social media bio if in doubt.

Fourth: Spy App

These spy apps are of great help and a lot people use it as they enable you to see what applications one is using on their phones. Apps like cheat buster helps you catch your boyfriend red handed. You just need to invest a little money as these apps aren't free of cost. 

Fifth: Sort help from a friend

Most of the time girlfriends don’t create their own account on tinder to avoid drama. You can then seek help from your friends asking them to create a tinder profile with a fake name and fake pictures and then keep an eye on them. This also becomes easy while confronting your boyfriend since it was your friend who saw him on tinder.  

Sixth: Notice your boyfriends phone 

If you feel your boyfriend is cheating observe his behavior when you people hang out with each other. If he keeps the screen of his phone upside down or keeps it in his pocket or becomes very conscious whenever a notification pops up there are high chances that he is hiding something from you. 

Seventh: Incline towards him 

To check if he is using a dating app, lie to him saying that one of your friends saw his tinder profile and wait for his reply if he has that weird laugh or becomes uncomfortable or tries to comfort you by saying that all this is just absurd, he might be using it. 

Eight: Unnecessary fights 

If your lover fights with you, argues or blames you for little or unwanted issues and has this “I don’t care” attitude, it might also mean that he has other options in line. Be aware!

McAfee conducted a survey and found that 42% people snoop into their better halves emails and one in five people especially women login into their partners phones and look out for dating apps such as tinder.

Though there are a number of ways through which you can stalk or spy on your boyfriend but there has to be some space between you and your partner and this is a sign of a healthy relationship. 

One should always trust their partner in every aspect of life, all these tricks and techniques are a sign that you don’t trust your partner and this will only ruin your relationship. Transparency is very essential, whenever you feel the urge to secretly pray in your boyfriend's phone or check whether he’s using some dating apps talk to him and confront him instead. 

All these steps and methods are just breach of privacy and personal space.

It is always and always better to sit and communicate whenever you are in doubt rather than spying. Also one never gets to know when all this becomes a habit, an obsession and an addiction, you won’t even know and you’ll be glued to the phone waiting for one wrong move that you would interpret in a different manner. 

In a healthy relationship your partner will always talk to you and tell you where they have been or what problem they are facing in the relationship.  

In most of the countries it’s illegal to spy unless you have a legal warrant.    

Communicate your trouble with him, after all he’s your boyfriend! Communication is key for a durable relationship, always discuss if something is bothering you. There are few very clear reasons as to why your boyfriend is still active on tinder even after years of serious relationships, it only indicates that he is looking for someone else, probably his backup plan.

Therefore, it is always feasible to communicate rather than to choose other means because on the later stage it might just frustrate him if he finds out whatever you’ve been doing. Always ask yourself a set of questions as to how you would feel if your boyfriend did the same thing as you or has been spying you continuously. What if the tricks and techniques you’ve been devising your lover has been doing the same, wouldn't you prefer talking and sorting things out. Won't you be hurt and devastated to know that your better half did not trust you on things and always stalked you, would like to be or continue the relationship. No! Right or you might give it a thought to seek separation. 

It is always advisable to communicate.     


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