The girl with most swipes on tinder finds love offline

The girl with most swipes on tinder finds love offline

The girl with most swipes on tinder finds love offline

The Tinder user who received the most swipes never found love on the app and instead met a partner offline. Eliana Silver, from Aberdeen, Scotland, was one of Tinder's top 15 most swiped women in 2019, but she never found love and had to cope with a flood of creeps before giving up the app. Despite her popularity on Tinder, a woman who received thousands of likes each week claimed that she met her now-boyfriend offline.

Eliana Silver, 21, opted to use the dating app to meet new people after going from the United States to Scotland for study. She met her future husband there. The student claimed she had never considered herself as "especially beautiful," thus being named one of the app's "most popular" girls in 2019 surprised her. She was one of just 14 women in the top 30 "swiped right" people in the United Kingdom and Ireland that year.

When the rating was made public, a link to Eliana's Tinder profile was included, which resulted in 100,000 people swiping right on her in less than a week.

Eliana added, "I wanted to see if I could meet someone, and it was also a way for me to meet people and make friends because I was completely new to Scotland." "The summer after my first year of university, a magazine contacted me to enquire about the top 30 swiped right people on Tinder that year.

"At first, I assumed it was a fake email since I couldn't imagine being in the top 30 out of all the amazing, beautiful people in the UK - it was definitely an ego boost."

She went on to say she was "surprised" because she is "quite picky" and has only gone on two dates with people she met on the dating app.

"I've never thought of myself as particularly attractive or intriguing enough to pique people's interest," she said.

Despite her popularity with boys on Tinder, Eliana claims that her few experiences with them were unsuccessful because they appeared to be more interested in casual sex than developing a serious relationship. "I was asked to be a sugar baby a couple of times, and some people just asked if I wanted to come over and have sex," she said. "Instead of having one-night hookups, which many people and some of my friends do, my goal was to meet individuals." Brinkwire has a summary of the news.

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