What are Urine Cups or Pee Cups for women? Types and Uses?

 What are Urine Cups or Pee Cups for women? Types and Uses?

What are Urine Cups or Pee Cups for women? Types and Uses? ichhori.com

Hey girls, we are back and today we are going to talk about urine cups or what are pee cups for women, it’s types and uses. But why have decided to talk about women peeing suddenly? Well, as girls we all know that we often face issues when we have to pee suddenly and there are no toilets around or most of the times have very dirty and unhygienic loos that are not safe for use. And that is when the need for something alternative arises, the need for options that will help women pee easily and safely without getting infected. And Urine Cups or Pee Cups are one such alternative options for women when they have go pee outside, in unhygienic places. 

What are Urine Cups or Pee Cups for Women?

Urine Cups, Pee Cups are a form of Female Urination devices or Female Urination aids that help women or Trans man to urinate or pee while standing upright. But these Female urination devices ain’t anything new, instead they go back in time when they were first used by women. Scientifically or culturally speaking it is possible for a women to pee or urinate while standing without using a device but with times, the practiced ceased to exist and now they no longer are in practice. But with changing times in women’s clothing, the twentieth century made the use of urination aids for women a common thing so that it is easier for them urinate or pee while standing. 

But, why is there a need for a women to use Urine cups or Pee cups to urinate? Well, the answer is simple because holding your pee for too long has many negative health benefits and we are going list some of them below for you all to have a look.

According to studies, an adult can hold up to 16 ounces that is equal two cups of urine. But holding urine is not good for your health (if done on a regular basis) or when you are suffering from any kind of illness then holding your pee for a long time can be really dangerous. Like if you are suffering from diseases like enlarged prostate, neurogenic bladder, kidney disorders, urinary retention, and so on then you should try your best to not hold in your pee for longer hours as it will be harmful. Along with people suffering from these diseases, pregnant women also shouldn’t hold in their urine for longer time as they already on the increased risk for UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). Thus, if pregnant women hold their pees then it can further develop and increase the risk even more. 

There are some possible complications that can happen when you hold your urge to pee and they can be as follows: 

  • In rare cases the urine sometimes goes back up to the kidneys, which leads to an infection or even kidney damage.
  • Enlarged prostate.
  • Neurogenic bladder from nerve damage.
  • Blockage in the passage of Urine.
  • Weakened bladder muscles.

These are some of the things that can either happen to you because of holding in your pee for too long over a prolonged period of time or you should not hold in your pee if you are suffering from these health conditions and that why pee cups seem to be a better option when you have to pee and the washroom is very unhygienic or you are at a place with no washrooms or very dirty, broken washrooms.  

And let’s have a quick look at the available portable female urination devices or aids, that is in short the available different pee cups for we women. There are two major types of female portable urination devices, which are Disposable and Non – Disposable FUDs (Female Urinal Devices).

  • Disposable FUDs (Female Urinal Devices) – Disposable FUDs (Female Urinal Devices) are usually made of durable paper, cardboard, which are occasionally flushable because intended for temporary use and not a permanent one. These Disposable FUDs are more convenient to carry around as they easily fit in your purse or can easily kept in your car, just like the ubiquitous to – go coffee cup, which are easy to recycle and use. And if this is your first time to look and use a Female Urinal Device then you definitely opt for a Disposable FUD as it will give you an idea of what to expect, how to use and stuff like that.
  • Non – Disposable FUDs (Female Urinal Devices) – Non – Disposable FUDs, although used for same purposes, but is made up of different materials. While the Disposable ones are made of durable paper or cardboard, Non – Disposable ones are made of plastic or latex, thus they are durable funnels that can be re – used with in between cleanings with soaps, sanitary wipes or  even running them into a dishwasher, showing how strong these Non – Disposable FUDs are as compared to the Disposable ones. 

And there are many different types of either Disposable or Non – Disposable, so we are going to name a few of them for you all, so that you all will have an idea about what to expect and buy when the need arises.

  • Pibella
  • She Wee
  • Pstyle
  • Pee Pocket
  • Freshette
  • Whizz freedom
  • Lady P
  • Hopkins multi – purpose funnel
  • Lady J 
  • Go Girl

And these are some of the best FUDs (Female Urinal Devices) available in the market for women and here we have mentioned then in the order of best to worst but then again please go and try them out on your own and see what suits you the best, as I always say that everyone has a different body type and what may fir best for you might not for others. So make sure to use them and rate based on your experience. In short see, ‘What fits you the best’.

And finally we shall give you some tips that you need to keep in mind while using FUDs (Female Urination Devices). 

  • Make sure to not pee into the wind, you will definitely regret it. 
  • There is a thing such as overflow, so if you wish to use FUD’s then make sure to control your speed.
  • Practice at home in the shower first, don’t go out unpractised.
  • A wide stance between the legs, helps keep your feet dry.
  • Angle is important and it is sometimes easier to lower your underwear sideways instead of just pulling it down, so choose wisely. 
  • Don’t feel shy, instead be confident about your decision. 

Thus Pee Cups or Urine cups are nothing but a type of FUDs (Female Urinal Devices) for women, which help women pee safely and easily in unhygienic, stressful conditions and at places with no washrooms at all. And there are two main options (Disposable and Non – Disposable) and many sub options (Pibella, She Wee, Pstyle and so on) to choose from, so select whichever suits you the best. And always remember, even if you feel shy or embarrassed to use it, remember the reason why you are using it in the first place and that alone will help you.

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