How to turn men weak at the knees?

 How to turn men weak at the knees? 

How to turn men weak at the knees? _

Would you like to know the moves you can make to turn men weak at the knees? 

 Yes, men may look big and strong on the surface, but there is an abundance of things women can do that turn them to jelly. 

 Would you like to learn how to turn your super-masculine crush into putty in your hands? 

 Still, this guide should help, If so. It lists ten of men’s biggest‘ weaknesses when it comes to females. 

In my teenage and early twenties, I was unfit to tie down a good man. 

 I could hook up, for sure. But also, they would vanish soon after-and I had no idea why. 

 I spent a good while trying to learn about male psychology and what I was doing wrong around these guys, and that is when I made a life-changing discovery. 

 Once I learned how to play with this part of the male mind the right way, I was suitable to attract men and keep them. 

It is a cheat code in the male mind like no other and you can learn the specific details of how I took advantage of it by clicking then. You can do the same if you follow the same way as me! 

 With that said, let us now progress into my list of ten male weaknesses. 

 1. Making the first move 

 Numerous people still hold the idea that girls or women shouldn't approach men first. They say all that a female requires to do is show up looking indefectible. Any interested man should take it from there. Then is the thing; you do not want to confuse chasing with making the veritably first move. 

 Chasing is continuously pursuing someone till they say yes. That is a man thing. You do not want to do that, it makes women look hopeless. But making the first move completely weakens their knees unless he has no feelings towards you. 

 2. Ask a man for help 

 Research shows guys love being the hero. Asking them for help nearly always hits their soft spots, so they will reluctantly swoop in to “ save you.” I am not entirely sure if this behaviour is a result of not being suitable to resist the natural female charm, a massage on their pride, or a conventional expectation that utmost men just got used to overtime. 

 Whatever the case is, asking a man for help weakens his knees and brings him to your corner easily. 

3. A hot body and a beautiful appearance 

 Men are visual creatures, this is a fact that I can not overemphasize. They see your angles before they see real you. Yes, it sounds superficial, but that is how they are wired when they see a woman. Walk into a room full of guys with a hot shape, flawless makeup, and an outfit screaming sexy but not slutty, you would realize just how important power you girls have over guys. 

 4. The “ green light” look 

 The eyes, they say, are the window to the soul. Without saying anything with your mouth you can say further with your eyes within a second. However, you will weaken his knees, If you can get a man’s attention from your body to your eyes. You know that look that says “ I want you right now,” guys can not resist it. It throws them off balance. But make sure it is not a desperate or slutty look. 

5. Cooking his favourite meal 

 For some men, the saying “ The way to man’s heart is through his stomach” is true. However, or even better, you know how to whip up his favourite meal in the kitchen, If you are a good chef. Just pull this one out of the bag when you need to say sorry or when things are a little awkward. 

 Trust me, girl, you will get him on the same page with you in no time. 

 6. Give him the bedroom look 

 Sex is the hunger for guys, so it is no surprise that they launch at you like you are a kind of meal that will satisfy their craving. Still, guys go weak in the knees and nearly can not resist a female who makes the first sexual move or hint. Showing a man you sexually ask him sends messages all over him. 

 His body and his mind get all agitated that he will nearly do anything you say in a jiffy. For example, if you command him in a sexy way to take his clothes off, he will do it with the speed of light like a biddable little boy. 

 7. Appreciate him as a man 

 Still, appreciate his virility, If you want to get a man eating out of your palms and weak in the knees. Men hate feeling deficient. So when girls say statements like “ You are my Superman, I just feel safe in your hands,” trust me, you have found his weak buttons. He will get all mushy and weak in the knees whenever you say them. 

8. Make a man feel wanted indeed when he is not around 

 When you make a man feel like he's the one on your mind and you can not stay to get under the sheets with him, girl, he will race home to you as his life depends on it. You can send him a mischievous text or a sexy photograph of you licking a lollipop seductively. Guys are generally allured and intrigued by women or girls that are bold and express their desire unapologetically.

9. High heels and pantyhose

It is time to show up the hotness. If nothing works on your beau, pantyhose and high heels won’t fail and obtain your beau’s weak within the knees. You would possibly never hear this one from your beau unless you both have had the prospect to take a seat down and list all of your likes or turn-ons.

Men’s are a complete sucker for ladies or girls in pantyhose. It melts their heart directly. Some men admit that they are completely hooked if it is a black or off-white colour hose.

10. Being mysterious and unpredictable

Again, this one has something to try to do with men’s natural behaviour of chasing. Being mysterious and unpredictable makes them hooked in to and everyone over you. Look it this manner, an addicted punter keeps wagering due to the unpredictability and possibility of getting more when he gambles.

Similarly, a man keeps coming for more when he can not get enough of you. Being mysterious technically gives you power as you get to dictate the pace of the connection. 


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