How to improve Your Sexual health at Midlife/mid age?


How to improve Your Sexual health at Midlife/mid age?

How to improve Your Sexual health at Midlife/mid age?-

“Each of our bodies is unique. We may share the same basic make-up as men and women, but we certainly don't feel everything the same. What feels good on your body may not always feel good on someone else's
body and that is absolutely natural.”
― Elle Chase, Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life

SEX, although just a three letter word, hold a lot of emotions and feeling as it something very intimate shared by two individuals. And one can often see that people do not wish to talk about it loud just because it is something very private and should not be discussed out loud. However, that shouldn’t be the case, instead one should talk about topics like these more openly so that have a proper knowledge about everything and won’t be misguided or stay in the dark and suffer.

What one forgets is that sexual is as important as their mental or physical health and as talked about it earlier, people often shy away from the topic of sex or sexual health just because it is considered to be a taboo in some parts of the world to talk out loud about  it. But anyways it is no exactly in our hands to change everything but what we can do is to raise awareness about it and share as much as information as possible, so that at least even if one person gets aware then fine.

And today we are going to exactly that, which is how to improve your sexual health at midlife.

Satisfying sex is not just for people in their 20's and 30's. As most happy couples know, it is possible to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life for up to 40, 50 years or more.

But it can be complicated.

For many people, hormonal changes, chronic health conditions and medications, stress, fatigue, and midlife weight gain can hinder efforts to have a healthy intimate relationship. Many older adults report that, although they view sex as an important part of life, they are not happy about their current sex life.

If you want to have sex, but you don't enjoy it, it's important to find out what's going on. Good sex is a major health problem. It affects the quality of our relationships and how we feel about ourselves.

Sometimes, the underlying problems need your doctor's attention. But often, your sex life can be renewed with a little ingenuity and patience.

And finally we shall present you ways through you or your partner can improve their sexual health or sex life even in mid-life or middle age, whatever one prefers to say.

#Ways to improve your sexual health during midlife:

Non-Medical Solutions

The good news is that many of these middle ground frustrations can be solved. It is best to start with non-hormonal solutions. Then, if your sexual health is not improving, talk to your doctor about other options.

·         Set Purpose


Talk to your partner; what do you both want? In many couples, though, sexual intimacy leads to emotional intimacy, which in turn strengthens the relationship. So when libido is low, you may need to have more purpose and create more about setting aside time for intimacy, rather than just waiting for it to happen. Clarifying your intention to communicate with your partner, and creating time to do so, will benefit your relationship over time.

·         Find it at a drug store

Moisturizers and over-the-counter creams can be very helpful for women with moderate to severe dryness. Moisturizers are used daily or twice, while moisturizers are used during sex.

·         Have a creative mind

Move your schedule. Try out new activities. Try some new positions (which can help with pain problems). Read books, watch movies, rent a comfortable wardrobe for the weekend. Send your spouse unexpected notes during the day. Try with toys and other sex toys. Shop online is a secret for your home.

·         Be a little patient

If you have not had sex in months or years, it is possible that your body is going through some changes without realizing it. When sex resumes, you may experience experiences that are not what you expected or remembered. Regular sexual intercourse, with or without a partner, can help the vagina to maintain tone and tone, reducing the severity of atrophy and thirst. Spending a lot of time in the previous game can help with desire and exciting problems.

·         Get in the gym

Losing a few pounds and being very active can help you to feel more positive. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

Medical Options

Talk openly with their doctors about the quality of their sexual health and any problems they may have. Good work will help you solve problems and explore solutions.

Ask your doctor if your medication could cause problems. Many common drugs, including those used to treat depression and high blood pressure, as well as birth control pills, are widely known to have side effects. You can switch to another drug.

Ask your doctor if you should check your hormone levels, and if a doctor's hormone replacement may help.

·         Men can increase their testosterone levels by injections, patches and other formulations. (Be sure to talk to your doctor about the possible risks of taking testosterone, including a higher risk of prostate cancer.)

·         For women, treatment with local hormones - products used only in the vagina - often helps to deal with the symptoms of menopause that cause sexual problems. These products, which come as a vaginal ring, creams and pills, provide estrogen directly to the vaginal muscles and can help relieve thirst, irritability and loss of elasticity. Low estrogen reaches the bloodstream, so the risk associated with this type of estrogen treatment is minimal.

·         Women with other symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, and genital herpes, may want to consider systemic hormone treatment. This type of hormone therapy, in the form of pills or patches, delivers hormones throughout the body through the bloodstream. It can help alleviate many of the symptoms, but it may increase the risk of other serious conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and breast cancer. Your doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy only if you have severe symptoms of menopause.

One can also opt for Local treatment which offers greater relief from vaginal dryness than standard hormone therapy, with a lower dose of hormones. They are applied directly to the vagina, so the hormones reach where they are needed. Thus we do not need a large dose as a pill that must pass through the whole body.

Thus, the above mentioned are the few ways through which one can enjoy a happy and healthy sex life even during middle age. But what is the key factor? Well, that is nothing else but patience and awareness. Yes! You heard that right, be aware of your own body, it’s needs, it’s malfunctions and so on. So, that if necessary you can visit the doctor and get a treatment without any delay, plus it can also save from suffering through something big and fatal. So be aware, and know yourself well enough to know when you need to visit a doctor for help and when not.

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