How to use Instagram in a web browser?

How to use Instagram in a web browser?


How to use Instagram in a web browser? _

How to use Instagram in a web browser and navigate the social media platform from a computer

• Instagram on the web allows you to access the social media app from your computer's browser.
• With the exception of the functionality of Stories and the Shop feature, Instagram's web version includes the majority of what the mobile app offers.
• You can post to Instagram from the web, but you must select images or videos from your computer.


Most people use Instagram on their phone via the social media platform's mobile app, but if you need to post or interact with your followers while sitting in front of a computer, don't worry — Instagram on the web is available. You can post, comment, and interact with your Instagram account from any Mac or Windows PC by using Instagram on the web.


1. How to use Instagram in a web browser?

The web version of Instagram is similar to the mobile app. If you're already familiar with the social media service on your phone, using it in a web browser shouldn't be too difficult. Nonetheless, the layout is noticeably different.


To begin, open the Instagram webpage in your browser and log in using your account information. It should open to the feed by default. At the top of the page, you should see a toolbar with all of the major controls:


Home: The house-shaped icon displays the curated feed for your account. You can scroll through these and browse posts just like you would on a mobile app.

Messages: The Message icon opens your private message page, where you can read, respond to, and send messages to friends and followers.

Make a new post: To make a new post, click the plus sign (+). (for details, see the next section).

Explore: To access the Explore page, click the compass icon. This is similar to the explore results that appear on your mobile app's Search page.

Activity: When you click the heart icon, a dropdown menu will appear with a list of recent interactions with your Instagram account. You can see who has followed you, liked a photo, commented on it, and so on.

Profile: To access the options menu, click the profile icon. You can access your profile page, view saved photos, change your settings, or switch accounts (if you are signed into more than one Instagram account on the web).


When you scroll through the Instagram posts on any of the pages, you can interact with them using the same tools that you would on the mobile app. You can do the following directly beneath a photograph. 


• Like a photograph. Choose the Heart icon.
• View all of the comments on this photo. Select the Comments option. The photo will open in a larger view, and the message thread will appear on the right.
• Distribute the image. Click the Share icon, then enter an address and a message. Click the Send button.
• Leave a comment. Enter a comment and then press the Post button.


2. How to post on Instagram from a computer?

On the web, posting on Instagram is simple — simply click the create a new post icon (the plus symbol) at the top of the page and then select a photo or video from your computer. For more information, see How to Post on Instagram Using a Computer.


3. How Instagram web differs from the mobile app?

Instagram on the web provides a similar experience to the mobile app, but it is slightly lacking. The most significant distinction is in relation to Stories: You can't post or add to your own Story, but you can still view it and the Stories of the accounts you follow. Furthermore, unlike the latest versions of the mobile app, the web version of Instagram lacks a Shop tab.

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