How to use Tinder for desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile web browsers?

 How to use Tinder for desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile web browsers?

How to use Tinder for desktop (PC and Mac) and mobile web browsers?_ ICHHORI.COM


You can't open the Tinder mobile app because it takes up too much space on your device, and you'd like an alternative solution. Then you should try Tinder Online or Tinder for desktop, which can be accessed with both desktop computers and mobile phones just as easily as the regular app version of Tinder.
In this post, we will introduce the Tinder web app version, explain everything about it, and demonstrate how you can use it to save time and be more effective on Tinder. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using Tinder Online.

Tinder Online – The Browser Version Of Tinder

What Is Tinder Online?

Tinder Online is the browser-based version of the popular online dating app Tinder, which is available on both desktop computers and mobile phones.

Where Can You Use It?

Basically, you can use it in any browser or device that can open the URL You only need an internet connection and a Tinder account to get started. Tinder is compatible with PCs, Macs, and other desktop computers, as well as Android phones and iPhones.

Tinder For Desktop

As we will see in the following sections, Tinder has completely redesigned the user interface in the desktop version of Tinder Online. As a result, this new user interface is completely optimized for the desktop experience.

Tinder For PC Or Mac

There isn't really a difference between the Tinder desktop app for Windows and Mac computers because the user interface in the browser is the same. Tinder online works flawlessly in all internet browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

How To Use The Desktop Version Of Tinder?

You must enter into your browser's address bar to be taken to a page where you can log in or sign up using your phone number, Facebook, or Google account.
When you log in to Tinder from a PC or a Max, your browser will display the following screen:



As you can see, your existing matches and conversations are on the left, and the discovery page, with the swiping deck taking up a larger portion of your screen, is on the right.
The larger screen makes Tinder swiping decisions easier because images are larger, and you can still see on the left if an existing connection has written a new message or not.
To get more information about a profile, such as a bio description and Instagram photos, while swiping, click on the I icon, just like in the regular Tinder app, or use the up arrow keyboard:



You can do almost everything by using the cursor and clicking or by using the keyboard. The following are the keyboard shortcuts:


You can open a chat with one of your matches by clicking on his or her name on the left:



As you can see, you can see her profile and bio on the right while chatting with a match.

Advantages Of The Desktop Version Of Tinder

Tinder's PC version has several advantages. If you are an active Tinder user with a lot of messages and you actively try to have conversations with your matches, then the desktop version will be a big plus for you.
Mostly because it is much easier to type on a desktop computer's keyboard, allowing you to send out far more messages in less time. It also makes multitasking while actively using Tinder easier.
As previously stated, another significant advantage is that you can view potential matches' profile pictures in much larger size, making it easier to decide whether to Like or Nope.

Limitations And Cons Of The Desktop Version Of Tinder

The best part about Tinder is the swiping experience, which you will miss if you use it on a desktop computer. Swiping with the cursor or even the keyboard will be less intuitive if you are used to the very smooth swiping experience on your phone.
Another disadvantage is that if you are a Gold subscriber, you cannot access the Top Picks report for some reason. At least, that's what we've discovered. Please let us know if you find the Top Picks report in the desktop version in the comments below.

Features In The Desktop Version Of Tinder

Aside from the Top Picks report, all premium features of the Gold and Plus subscriptions, as well as free features, are available in the desktop version. So, if you are a premium subscriber, you can use Boost, Super Like profilesPassport to change your location, and see who liked your profile.

Tinder Online In The Mobile Web Browser

If you use Tinder's browser version on your phone, the user interface will be very similar to what you're used to in the regular Tinder app.
Although the swiping will be less smooth than in the regular app version, and the address bar will take up some screen real estate.
Tinder mobile web browser version also works in any mobile web browser, including Chrome, Samsung browser, Opera, Safari, and others.

Advantages Of Using Tinder Online In A Phone

Tinder Online can be very useful for people who have older phones and the Tinder mobile app is no longer compatible with their version of iOS or Android. It is also sometimes a problem that, despite being compatible with their phone, the Tinder app keeps crashing or they have frequent problems logging in.
Another significant advantage for users with older phones with limited storage capacity is the ability to use the Tinder mobile web browser version without downloading a large app that can take up more than 0.55 GB of storage space. 

Tinder Work Mode

Tinder Work mode is one of the desktop version's unique features.



It's essentially a fake screen that you can use to conceal your actual Tinder screen. When you click on the icon shown below, which is located in the upper left corner of your screen, you will be able to hide your Tinder screen and instead display fake meeting notes and a screen similar to Google Docs.


It's a fun hack to conceal the fact that you're using Tinder from prying eyes. It is also only available in desktop mode, as it makes sense only on a desktop computer. As a result, you can now use Tinder safely from a university class or an open office.


Downloading Tinder Mobile App To Your Desktop

Tinder Online is a relatively new phenomenon; previously, there was no way to use the app on a PC, Mac, or even a mobile browser. That is why some solutions were created to allow people to open the Tinder app directly from their desktop computer.


Bluestack, which is essentially an Android emulator, is one of the most popular solutions. You can learn more about how it works and how to download it to your desktop computer by clicking here.


However, as we demonstrated in this blog post, you no longer need a complicated solution like this because you can use Tinder Online.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can You Use Tinder Without The Mobile App?

Yes, Tinder Online is the app's web browser version, which you can access by typing into the address bar of any web browser.


2. Can You Use Tinder In Your Desktop Computer (PC Or Mac)?

Tinder Online, Tinder's web browser version, can be used on any desktop computer with any web browser. Simply go to and use Tinder in the same way you would on your phone.


3. What Is Work Mode On Tinder?

Tinder work mode is a fake screen on Tinder Online that you can use to hide the regular Tinder screen. The work mode screen will display some meeting notes, allowing you to hide the fact that you're using Tinder at work or anywhere else you don't want to be seen using it.


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