Is it ok to use sex toy for female wellness?

 Is it ok to use sex toy for female wellness?

Is it ok to use sex toy for female wellness?_

Dakota Johnson, mostly known for her mind-blowing role in the film Fifty Shades of Grey, has recently sat down with ELLE to speak over her life and her most creative accomplishments, including developing elevated products with sexual health brand Maude as an investor and creative director.

The actor was enamoured by the operation founder Éva Goicochea has for Maude, a sexual health company that values inclusivity and accessibility. As creative director, Johnson enjoys challenging the established order and creating innovative new sex toys, while exploring “ the most enjoyable and chic and quality experience” the products can give for ladies.

During her interview with ELLE, Johnson explains that some women just love “ a giant pink dildo” and follows with an excited “ all power to you.” but for some, like herself, a large pink dildo may not do the trick. The actor uses that to remind women that every one of them has different requirements, and that is where her creativity and incorrigibility thrive.

Although maximum would deem her to be serene and more withdrawn, Johnson’s innovations within the sexual health and sex toy business reveal a depth that affirms she is indeed rebellious when it comes to the correct cause. most authentically, Johnson pauses mid-interview to share an anecdote of a dream she had the night before. She was studying anal plug prototypes together with her team when she noticed the butt plugs were entire “ too big” and definitely would not fit. She grabbed two gourds off of the coffee table to give a visual aid of a butt plug that might cause more damage than sensual good. Her creative eye and investment into Maude are not just a passionless investment, but an inventive and humanitarian investment she dreams of.

As a creative director in the world of sexual health, Johnson offers a perspective that highlights a very important truth sexual energy and artistic energy go hand in hand, and therefore the industry should still reflect that.



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