Toddlers and preschool: How to deal with separation anxiety?

 Toddlers and preschool: How to deal with separation anxiety?


Toddlers and preschool: How to deal with separation anxiety?-

If your toddler's first few weeks of preschool have been difficult, here's how you can help them cope better for a happy year ahead.


Preschoolers generally fall into two camps now that nursery schools are back in full swing: those who can't wait to go to school every morning to see their friends and learn new skills, and those who cry every morning and don't want to leave home.


Crying, tantrums, and clinginess are all common symptoms of separation anxiety in preschoolers. While you were probably wishing for a few moments of peace over the holidays, your child was probably thinking she was living her best life with you around all the time. Even if she's always enjoyed preschool, it's understandable that she might experience separation anxiety now that she's leaving you.


There are a few things you can do to help your child if they are having a few wobbly moments.


Make a farewell ritual

Making a special goodbye ritual before the first day of preschool can help to relieve some of the anxiety associated with saying goodbye. Consider one (or more) of the following ideas:

• Create a one-of-a-kind handshake or wave.
• Each day, before you drop your child off at school, tuck a transitional object (such as a wishing stone, a small photo, or a special charm) into his or her backpack and fill it with love.
• Lunchbox love notes remind children that their parents care about them and will return soon.


Send out pleasant vibes

While it may be tempting to leave when your child is distracted, doing so later in the day can cause stress. Recognize and acknowledge your child's concerns and feelings. It's normal to be scared, and demonstrating empathy can help your child feel safe and understood. Keep an eye on your body language as you say your goodbyes. Even if you are upset, you want your child to feel safe and secure in this new and exciting environment. Show your child how to say goodbye cheerfully by standing tall and smiling!


Maintain a consistent schedule

Children perform best when they get enough rest, eat a nutritious breakfast, and are not rushed.


• Pack lunches and snacks the night before to save time in the morning.
• To allow for extra time, get up twenty minutes before your children.
• Have your shoes, socks, and bags ready by the entrance at night.


Keep your eye on the goal

Preschool years provide children with a solid foundation, and they have a lot of fun during their first year of school. Once you've gotten past the first hurdle of saying goodbye, you'll see your child grow and learn by leaps and bounds!











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