How to prevent skin cancer?

 How to prevent skin cancer?

How to prevent skin cancer?_

Ultraviolet sun rays are considered to be extremely dangerous for your skin. It's not 100% possible to stay away from these rays. Taking your dog out for a walk, traveling to grocery stores, going to the office, coaching classes, etc are surely the obvious ways to come in contact with the rays of the sun. These rays can lead to premature aging & you start to look old even before your age. Another harmful thing it can do is lead to skin cancer at some point in the future. Yes, skin cancer can be prevented but for that, you need to follow a strict procedure to ensure that your skin is safe from all the harmful toxins. 

The article below is going to make you aware of all the alternatives to prevent your skin cancer. 

How to prevent skin cancer?

The prevention of skin cancer requires you to adopt an extensive approach. The following measure can be useful in the prevention of skin cancer further. 

  • SPF 30 Sunscreen OR Higher: To protect your skin from UVA and UVB, use the Broad-spectrum sunscreen. It will thoroughly take care of your skin. Also, remember to wear sunscreen after every 2 hours if possible to avoid sweating on your body. Moreover, use sunscreen daily even if it's raining outside. It keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized where you have no chance of the sun's rays entering your skin. It blocks all the harmful radiation very perfectly. From your toes to the neck area to fingers or hands or entire face, apply sunscreen everywhere. Generally, it's recommended to apply a small shot glass of sunscreen for your entire body. 

  • Taking Extra Measures Nearby Water or Extremely Heated Areas:  You need to be extra careful of your entire body if you are standing in water or any area that's too heated like in kitchens etc. The excess water or excess heat that comes in contact with your body can destroy your skin and can give birth to skin cancer cells. These cells are very active from the beginning and expedite their growth intensively. 

  • Sun Protective Dressing: Always get a well-planned dressing that protects your entire body from the rays of the sun. You can choose not to wear a long t-shirt or anything that's fully covered. Also, prefer to purchase clothes having the label of ultraviolet protection factor. 

  • Skin Care Routine: Many of us are used to sleeping directly without following a suitable skincare routine. It can be highly harmful to your skin to a level that you cannot even realize. The dirt will get accumulated in your skin and cause pimples, and wild kinds of acne issues, and lead to changed skin textures. 

  • Self Education: You can never prevent skin cancer if you cannot detect it. It's always important for you to educate yourself enough to detect all the pros, cons, signs, symptoms, dos & don'ts of skin cancer. The more educated you are about skin cancer, the more chance it holds to prevent it. 

  • Timely Skincare Checkups: Majorly choose to visit the skincare doctor twice in a year, dermatologist, or any other highly qualified skincare specialist for a checkup. He will be the right person to guide on this topic better and examine all the hidden symptoms of skin cancer. 

Skin Cancer Foundation: Skin Cancer Prevention Recommendation

The skin cancer foundation has strictly started some of the measures to prevent getting under the trap of skin cancer. These recommendations are written below -

  • Schedule an appointment with the dermatologist and get your skin checked at least once or twice a year even if it seems to be okay. 

  • If you go for swimming classes or face the problem of excess sweating, then as well putting at least 1 to two tablespoons of sunscreen after every 2 hours is recommended. 

  • Make sure to take special care of newborn babies. The skin of newly born is heavily delicate and is prone to catching skin cancer. The Ultraviolet rays of the sun can harm the skin of babies, so keeping it away is recommended. 

  • Always prefer shades especially if you are out between early morning 10 am to 4 pm. 

  • Start to apply sunscreen on the skin of newborns once they complete 6 months. 

  • Whenever you are out in the heavy sun rays, make sure to take special care of your face skin especially and entire body as well. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses, and a face to head covering cloth to avoid coming in contact with the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. You can also prefer to wear a hat if needed. 

  • Avoid getting rashes due to sunburning. Wear a sufficient amount of sunscreen while staying at home too. It is important as 80% of skin cancer occurs due to sunburn. 

  • Self-examination is highly crucial to avoid any calamity later. Make it habitual to check your entire body head to toe each month once or twice & carefully look for the potential symptoms. 

  • Read the latest news and addons about the symptoms of skin cancer by staying in touch with the skin cancer foundation updates. 

  • UV tanning beds should never be used and do all to avoid getting tanned because of sun rays. 

Key Takeaways

Preventing skin cancer is quite a responsible task. It starts with prior preparation and taking all the things in order. If you follow the daily skincare routine, then it's going to be the biggest bonus in fighting against the race of preventing skin cancer. Follow all the necessary information provided by the skin cancer foundation. These foundations have data based on real-time based evidence and experiments. So, making sure that you are doing everything on your behalf to stay safe in front of the ways that might lead to skin cancer is going to prevent skin cancer for sure. Also, book an appointment with the skincare specialist as soon as you find something fishy or weird spots on your skin. 


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