Sex with stranger? : read this guide

 Sex with stranger? : read this guide 

Sex with stranger? : read this guide

Forbidden fruits are the sweetest. You don’t believe me? Ask Eve, she traded it for the garden of Eden. Secret connections are nearly like forbidden fruits. You know it is not right, one will nearly think it is “ forbidden” to hide effects from buddies and family. But you are doing it anyway because it is one hell of a break loose reality and your little fantasy land.

When a relationship is kept a secret, the thrill is even more. Do not even get me started on the adrenaline rush. My God! When you see your better half in public and act normal while allowing of how just the other day you screamed his name in ecstasy.

Remembering the entire scenario in public, acting like everything is okay when all you can think of is dissing your buddies intimately for another episode of hot steamy sex. Name better foreplay, I will stay!

What is further, is that secret connections strengthen intimacy. There are no outsiders, just you and your better half sneaking around and having a good time. Keeping your relationship a secret gives you adequate time to understand one another and make informed decisions to support your feelings without input or influence from buddies and family.

Still, if you want a public relationship, and your man-to-be wants his sequestration, do not bother going into the secret relationship.

Secret connections are hard work. It might be hard at the beginning, but If the idea of secret connections appeal to you and your better half, and you both want to give it a try or you are formerly in one, this is the place to be. Then are ten ways to have a secret relationship with someone.

1. Use passwords

Let us all agree, family and buddies can be so intrusive. They do not understand the concept of boundaries. So rather, they do is break multiple boundaries as numerous as possible indeed. They can undergo your gallery or messages and boom your secret is out. Not to worry, here is what to try to do.

Use passwords. Technology has given alternative ways, pins, passwords, fingerprints, patterns, face ID, retina display, you name it. Depending on how nosy your family and buddies can be. Keep your phone security tight.

2. Avoid getting drunk

You have heard that a dead man tells no tales. Well, a drunk man tells all tales. However, avoid getting drunk when you go out with buddies to avoid spilling all the tea on your “ secret relationship”

If you know you’re a light drinker. So, take the drinks little by little on a girl’s night out and get on guard. Try not to unmask too important or indeed spill anything at all. Remember that when it comes out, you will not salvage the secrecy again.

3. Effective communication

Still, you need effective communication to keep it a secret, If you want your relationship to be secret. It is not a decision to be made by one better half. You both have to talk intimately about the connection seeing because it may be a special form.

You both need to talk over actively and talk about everything. The does and do not of the relationship. Effective communication goes a long way in determining the success of secret partnerships. Ask questions about anything or whatsoever you are confused about.

No, it is not a stupid question if you ask if you can pat him on his back in public, neither is it a dumb question to ask. However, this man could be your hubby, so ask, If this is a success. Also, make certain to verify that secrecy does not mean non-exclusivity within the relationship, just to understand what you are getting into.

4. Mutually beneficial

In these partnerships, you need to ensure that you benefit wholly from the arrangement especially if your better half is the one suggesting the secrecy of the relationship. It is important to evaluate the pros of secret partnerships right from the beginning.

Why do you want to keep it secret? Whatever his response is, ask yourself the following questions, “ what will I benefit from this?” “ Will this work for me?” “ Will this arrangement be one-sided”. Still, also this is not for you, If yes.

Still, if you are both benefiting from it equally, with zero skeletons in your cupboard that is you both have no other relationship, also, by all means, carry on. Keep your relationship secret. Give yourself a chance at happiness.

5. Set a time limit

As much as you will like to live in Lala land and stay in your relationship bubble forever, it has to come to an end. You both have to talk over when to review the terms of the relationship. Healthy partnerships should move forward and attain different levels. No relationship can remain a secret ever. The fantasy won’t last ever. This is why a deadline is important.

So that at the end of it all, you can decide whether to continue with the secrecy or put an end thereto. Remember, every good thing comes to an end, indeed keeping your relationship secret. Either, remaining in secret hookups can be tasking and stressful on you and your better half, staying in it for a long time will take the fun away and make it appear as if a cycle of stress and the draining task of hiding.

6. Do not avoid him in public

Still, your buddies will start to suspect you and they will want to know if he is your man If you actively avoid your secret beau in public. And we both know women always know. What you are doing is acting neutrally once you see him in public.

Still, make eye contact and wave to say hi, If your paths cross. I know it is easier said than done, but this helps. However, also good, If he does not look your way. Running to the left once you see him coming from the proper may be a rookie move. You are not a rookie and rookies get caught. So, put on your game face and say hello if need be.

7. Take lesser pictures

This is among the first five ways of dealing with secret connections for a reason. Taking fewer pictures may be a great way to stay it secret. No evidence, no case. Indeed if you both look good together, do not fall for it. It is veritably tempting, but do not leave picture evidence. It might get out and you both do not want that to happen.

So Rather, be present in every moment with your better half while you are together on your little dates and take it all in so you can keep the recollections and cherish them.

8. Hidden folders

Still, including your last meal, also taking lesser pictures might be extremely hard for you, If you are like me and you are addicted to taking pictures of everything. That is why there is this option.

The trick is to have hidden folders in your phone where you keep pictures of yourself and your beau or videos of you on your vacations. But get ready to explain to your buddies why you are smiling at your phone on a busy weekday at 1 pm.

9. Block everyone on social media

Still, or you both are just too cute, also remember to block all the people you know on the platform, If you can not do without posting the pictures because it makes your feed pop.

Still, this is veritably risky as everyone sees everything on social media these days. You can not hide anymore. The best thing is to stick to not posting anything. But if you are a risk-taker and you understand the algorithms of social media, also, by all means, post your pictures and shut down the internet with them.

10. Keep your relationship status off social media

It is nobody's business that Peter Pan is in a relationship with Tinker Bell. As there is no box to tick on Instagram yet for Secret relationship, avoid posting anything about it on there.

The moment you modify your status, you are both not during a bubble. You and your 2000 followers are now within the bubble together which is not what we want.


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