How to Buy Your Dream House: The checklist before signing the agreement

 How to Buy Your Dream House: The checklist before signing the agreement:

How to Buy Your Dream House: The checklist before signing the agreement:_
 Women in India have ultimately stepped out from the murk of patriarchy and are busily pursuing their dreams to make them a reality by getting financially stable and independent. Since the start, women have always been the decision-makers when it came to running the house and managing finances. But now they are also taking part in choosing and buying a property which was mainly done by the Men members of the family. The real estate market is observing growth as far as women homebuyers are concerned in the country. A recent study by Economic Times revealed that nearly forty-two per cent of women prefer real estate as an investment asset class, thirty per cent chose fixed deposits and unexpectedly only seventeen per cent were interested in gold.  

Women, lately, are independent and are choosing to buy their own house, as it helps them to have their own space and also provides a sense of security. Besides having control of household accounts and having their salaries to spend as they wish, women are now also starting to have a say within the real estate market. 

Being financially independent and owning one’s assets ( fixed or else) at an early age, helps you to build a powerful portfolio as you grow aged. Also, life is unpredictable and owning assets adds a huge element of stability for later years. 


Still, she would like to make sure that she is financially secure If the Female is single. However, there is likely to be sufficient income to take a position and property may be a good investment If she is wedded and both of them work. present, women are earning well and are smart investors. 

All of us have a thought of what our dream home is going to be like. we might have made vision boards filled with magazine cut-outs of Gothic mansions, penthouses or swanky Upper east side apartments. a number of us are even actively working towards it. 

Buying a gorgeous home is probably the foremost important and expensive purchase you will ever make, so it is imperative to think about limited things before actually doing it like deciding the mortgage, researching the house loans available and effectively managing your finances before and after. 




This is the time to unleash the dreamer in you. Imagine what your dream house will be like. do not think about the house you would buy if you had all the cash within the world but the house you would like. compute the number of rooms counting on the number of individuals who will sleep in it, whether it is getting to be an apartment or bungalow, and therefore the like. inspect pictures and residential listings online. Also, consider the situation and neighborhood. 



Once you have a decent idea about your necessities, believe in the budget and planning. how much money are you willing to shell out? If you are watching listings online, compare prices. Once you fix a budget, attempt to stay within it as you will have extra charges – furniture, decoration, and maintenance costs – to think about. 


Now that you simply know exactly what you are after, it is time to review the facts. Check if the dimensions of your new house are adequate not just for now but also for the longer term, especially if you are getting to have children. Check if the locality does not make day-to-day commuting to the office difficult and if the neighbourhood is not shady. 

And finally, the price. See if you can get it a bit cheaper. As per stats, forty-four per cent of buyers found their dream home via the internet and thirty-three per cent hired a realtor. we recommend you hire a realtor and choose an are-inspection. confirm you are getting a decent deal. 



Now fix a date within the future, write it down, and tape it to the fridge or wherever you are likely to see it oft. this is often your aim. By this day, not only will you have purchased your dream move, but you will even be busy packaging items to move by. confirm the date is realistic which you can work towards it a day. 



Maybe the most important step of all is where you work out the finances. Spend time researching the house loan options available, and choose one that seems the foremost flexible, saves interest costs and offers a grace period or EMI repayments. Calculate the EMI you have to pay back monthly and see if you need a pay rise in your pay or another job. do not take a danger here. 



Remember that the prices of houses rise and fall. do you have plans of selling this place in the future and moving somewhere else? do you want to rent a part of it and make passive income? as long as 42.9 per cent of all families have a home-secured debt (2013), it is important to not fall into the trap. 

There is an abundance of affordable mortgage rates available, Bhubaneswar chooses whether you would like one with a fixed interest, adjustable rates or an interest-only loan. Consult an expert just in case you are unconvinced before getting a mortgage pre-approval. 



Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), women are kept under the preferred class of homebuyers. Even an unmarried girl can apply for a PMAY subsidy or a home loan because the program does not discriminate on the idea of gender or marital status. PMAY guidelines make it mandatory to possess a minimum of one female loved one registered because of the owner of the house. just in case where a woman holds ownership of the house, the Government provides subsidies up to a maximum of Rupees 2.67 lakh. 


A female co-applicant is not mandatory while applying for a home loan under PMAY within the MIG 1 or MIG 2 category. an equivalent applies on home loans under PMAY availed by applicants from EWS and therefore the LIG category. But women must be co-owner of the property being bought using the PMAY home loan just in case of EWS and LIG category applicants. This rule is applicable only for newly purchased houses under the scheme and not for houses that are constructed on an existing piece of land or for repairs and additional work of an existing house. 



In my opinion, each woman has a dream house that continues to remain on her mind as long as she lives. Places she spent, our life is significant because our moods are affected by the design and the location. However, with chaos and air pollution our feelings would tend to be negative, If we live in a place where there is noise. On the counter, if we live in a place close to the serenity of nature, our minds, bodies and spirits will be filled with positive powers. That is why women like a dream house to be located on the outskirts of a city, encircled with flowers, trees and birds. Likewise, they also feel relaxed and less tense inside their homes. The flames will be unhappy and depressed in the house if the interior design and colors used arise feelings of wrathfulness or anxiety. Thus, women prefer to plan the interior of the dream house to give the feeling of relaxation and joy. In conclusion, everything about a dream house would reflect the feelings, thoughts and personality so when you step into your dream house, you would, in a way, get into the inner world. 




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