Top 10 Sex Tips for women!


Top 10 Sex Tips for women!

Top 10 Sex Tips for women!_

SEX just a three letter word but hold a whole bucket of emotions and stigmas attached to it. While for some sex may be a means of expressing love, while for some it is just a human instinct done for fun or for some this might produce disgust. But what we all know is that SEX is one of the basic human needs, even as mentioned is Maslow’s theory.

But I’m sure you all must be wondering that why did I suddenly start talking about sex, well today we are going share some tips for our beautiful women out there on Sex. Yes! You all heard that right. Today we shall give top 10 sex tips to our beautiful, brave women out there, so that they have a happy, healthy, loving and satisfying sex life. So we will try our best but always remember that it all depends on individual to individual as everyone is different and thus what might suit you may not suit the other.

So, without wasting much time let’s quickly dive into it.

“A major theme among the women I treat is their difficulty in asking men to do this or that, to touch them in a certain way. Women are very tender with the male ego. They're afraid of offending their partner's pride because men like to think they know how to perform.”
Avodah K. Offit, The Sexual Self

Well, that can’t be denied, women do get hesitant to ask something for their partners when it comes to sex, so women here we are to help you with certain tips that might help you have a satisfying sex in the future.

Top 10 Sex Tips for Women:

1.      Study your body

Do not expect your partner to be a psychologist. Trying to have fun is the key to learning about yourself. Then, take what you learn from masturbation and discuss what you find with your partner. Your partner will be better off making you happy if you can tell him what you like.

2.      Point out your turn-offs

"Most people do not realize that one of the most important things you can do is clear your turn-offs," says Jamea. The implication is that, instead of trying to find and add things that open you up, it is easier to remove things that block you. For example, if a dirty house will stress you out, you will be more involved and eager to participate if the house is clean, rather than coming home you will find bright petals in a bed [dirty house]. Making small changes in your routine by eliminating things you don't like can greatly improve your sex life.

3.      Learn to discuss your needs and needs with your partner

Communication is an important part of sexual satisfaction. "There are no bad couples, they just don't talk bad," said Jamea's colleague Logan Levkoff. Talk about what you like and dislike about intimacy - and don't be afraid to tell your partner if something is good or bad.

4.      Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins and hormones, and it helps you to balance your body. Especially with the aging process, exercise can help increase appetite, especially among women.

5. Maintain strong emotional bonds

The emotional state of your relationship can have a profound effect on your sexual health. If the relationship status is toxic or bad in any way, that will have a profound effect on how you feel about sex.

6. Avoid the same, the same old in your general life

According to a study by Jamea, people who are curious and open to new experiences often report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Unlock new ideas and don't be afraid to try new things with your partner.

1.      Look and masturbate together

Try and look at each other and masturbate. Yes, it is very hot but also yes, you will learn how your partner likes to be touched.

2.      Find out about each other’s body and feeling towards it

Touch them under your shower jackets to find out what emotions they are doing for you. Are you experiencing a clitoral stroke opposite the clock? Nipple stimulation? Find out - then bring your favourite movements to your next sex routine.

3.      Make sure to cum first

Make sure you cum first if you have just started dating. Women often focus on the orgasm of their partners and behave like the latest thinking. Since we are all created beings, doing the opposite is beneficial over time.

4.      You can take the lead, don’t be afraid

Don't be afraid to start. If your partner is usually the first to have sex, change things by showing him or her how to open up and check the switch — everyone likes to feel like their partner just can't resist.

Well, the above mentioned are top 10 sex tips for you girls, but that’s not it we would like to share 4 more sex tips with you, so that you are always prepare. If you know, what I mean….

1.      Set aside time to be close and intimate

It may seem boring or difficult to schedule a time for intimacy. However, when couples have different and busy schedules, sex can be added to the back burner. Although spontaneous sex is considered a golden standard, formal sex can be transformed into an event. And, then, it becomes a priority, rather than a recent thought.

2.      Open to change

Most people have very little idea of ​​what sex should be like, but after the honeymoon phase, it is important to change our sex life for our sexual needs and limitations. As we get older, we can no longer do things the way we used to. This does not mean that you should stop having sex, though. Instead, try to come up with new ways to enjoy it. Examine ideas, products or positions that you may not have previously had in your repertoire.

3.      Get used to a meaningful life

People who work on their senses daily, who live thoughtfully, also report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and self-esteem. Living thoughtfully can be as simple as feeling the heat of the sun on your face as you walk or pay attention to how your food tastes. These are not big changes in your routine but will keep your mind and body in tune with your senses, which are an important part of intimacy.

4.      Ambience is the key

Activate your senses to make sure you are fully open. Candles! Lighting! Smells! Never underestimate the importance of ambience, people.

Well, that’s it from our side, as we present you some best sex tips girls, although I would like to remind you all or tell you all that always make sure to have safe and protected sex no matter what and most importantly always make sure to convey your feelings properly t your partners. If you want to say no, then do it because forcing yourself in something that you don’t wish to do will never bring you happiness. So, girls always remember do what is best for you and do not follow anyone when it comes to intimate things like sex. Trust your own judgement and only then move ahead.

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