When to break up? Key factors to consider before breaking up.

When to break up? Key factors to consider before breaking up.


When to break up? Key factors to consider before breaking up_ ichhori.com

Not everyone’s life is a bed of roses. It is a given fact that life is made up of both good things and bad things. And one of the main components of a life is our relationship. Let us admit that in the end, we only have one person to spend the rest of our life with. And when that person makes you question things, or jeopardize the relationship to the extent that you have to think about breaking up, then woman, you are in a deep mess!

You might have never thought that what you see in movies, read in books, or watched growing up, that shit will happen to you. But if that is the case, we would like you to take a deep breath, sit back and relax your mind and then read this article, which discusses some pointers to keep in mind before breaking up and then make a thoughtful decision. Maybe it can change your perspective and convince you to sort things out!


1. Did this relationship bring the best in you?

Look back at the old you, when you didn’t meet this person and now, look at the new you, from when you have met this person. Do you see any changes in yourself? Are the changes positive or negative? Did he encourage you to be a better version of yourself by supporting you and admiring you? If the answer to these questions are yes, then rethink your decision of breaking up.


2. Commonness in goals and plans for the future.

Maybe most of your arguments arise due to different aims in life. Just sit with your partner first and communicate things about what he wants from life and what you want from life. Maybe you like to be at home or maybe he forces you to do something for his pleasure like going to parties. If that’s the problem, it is better to be at least clear. Maybe communicating can help things out.


3. Do you communicate properly with each other?

We have become so busy with our lives and the hustle of following the same routine everyday that we forget the basic need of a human. A human is a social being. He needs to speak, to get all the stress, or excitement or even the nonsense blabbering out. Maybe the problems arise because you felt a certain way but didn’t tell your partner and now the misunderstanding is controlling both of you. 


4. Did you feel trash living with him?

By trash, we mean, that if he completely ignored your area of interests, didn’t pay attention to what you say or things like that, then the relationship is of no use. Because we want a person who treats us well, who prioritizes us over everyone else. But if he fails to do so, cut the ties.


5. Do you feel happy around him and vice versa?

When we come back home from a tiring day, what we want is just to be happy and stress free. And that is why we look out to the person whom we are closest to and whom we love. Sometimes, there is no such theoretical problem in a relationship. Partners just don’t feel a positive aura being with each other, which should not happen. But if it does, it should not be ignored.


6. Are you always the one to compromise?

It is obvious that no two people will have the same mindset. But what matters is how they adjust with each other without letting the views crash. Do you feel you are the only one to adjust and compromise and he doesn’t? Well, if the answer is yes, then it is a bad sign.


7. The main reason for your break up.

Clear your mind and think over what was the main reason in prompting you to make this decision. Maybe it can be a silly thing which could be solved if you both apply the same efforts. A car cannot work on just two wheels. Similarly, a relationship will not work if only one person is trying. Just think over it and discuss it with your partner.

8. Think about your life after a break up.

It is a very important thing to keep in mind before breaking up. Just widen your imagination from a few years now. Is your life filled with rainbow colors without this person? Are you financially and emotionally stable without this person? If that’s a yes, then put your decision into action. 

But if you see your life sad, dull and boring, then please do not make this decision. However hard it might be for you, just work on your relationship. Assure constantly that you love each other and can do anything to fight and save this relationship.



There are ups and downs in everybody’s life. A couple which may seem perfect to you from outside, they may be struggling hard to make it work from inside. We know it might seem a headache to you now, managing all things, but look at 50 years from now. All this hard work and patience will give you the sweetest fruit ever. Do you want to be alone in future? Because yes, that is the truth. Everybody will leave you, but near your deathbed, only one person will be there. All the fights, all the yelling will not matter then. The only thing you have to be sure about is the word “love”. If you are madly in love with this person, then you both can make things work and have a happy ending like that in a good novel or film. Just analyse over the pointers mentioned above and you will find your answer. Just take a decision you won’t regret in future. All the best for your life!



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