How To Reset Tinder Account In 2022?

 How To Reset Tinder Account In 2022?

How To Reset Tinder Account In 2022? [8 Step Process ]-


Tinder Reset is still available in 2020, but it is not as simple as it once was if you want to delete your Tinder account and restart it immediately. 


Tinder Reset, if done correctly, can still give you a free new user boost, reset matches and your ELO score, all your previous swipes, and even work if you were previously banned from Tinder.


In this blog post, we will go over everything there is to know about how to reset a Tinder account. We will explain when you should consider doing a Tinder reset, what the risks of resetting Tinder are, and the exact step-by-step process you must follow to recreate a Tinder account.


At the end of the post, we will also share with you two additional methods that can get your Tinder account reset.


1. What Is A Tinder Reset?

Tinder reset is the process of deleting a Tinder account and then immediately recreating your Tinder profile in order to receive all of the benefits of a new Tinder account, such as increased profile visibility from Tinder, a reset Tinder ELO score, and the ability to rematch with profiles who swiped you left.

Tinder Reset used to be a very simple and easy process, but it is no longer. Tinder made it a violation of their terms of service to delete and immediately restart your Tinder account because too many people took advantage of it.


As we will demonstrate in this article, it is still possible to reset Tinder; it is simply a more time-consuming process.


However, if you do not complete the Tinder reset process correctly and Tinder is able to associate your old and new accounts, you will be forced back to your old account or, in the worst-case scenario, shadowbanned or even hard banned by Tinder.


2. Why Should You Reset Your Tinder Account (Top 5 Reasons)

Before we go over the step-by-step process for properly resetting your account so Tinder doesn't connect your new account with the old one, we need to explain why you want to restart your Tinder account.


Here are the top five reasons to reset your Tinder account:


2.1. Tinder Reset To Get A Newbie Boost

One of the most common reasons people wanted to reset their Tinder account was to receive Tinder's new user boost.


Because Tinder believes you are a new user, they manipulate the algorithm to provide you with a better-than-average experience, increasing the likelihood that you will stay on the dating app.


Your profile will receive far more profile impressions in the first few days after you recreated your Tinder account, resulting in far more matches than usual.


2.2. Use Tinder Reset To Get Unbanned From Tinder 

You don't have much of a choice if you've been banned from Tinder. Tinder will not change its mind; if you want to use the online dating app again, you must reset your account. This is the only way to regain access to your Tinder account.


If you do not restart your Tinder account in the manner outlined below, your account will be banned or shadowbanned once more.


Actually, many Tinder bans occur because people do not know how to properly recreate their Tinder account.



2.3. You Want To Reset Your Tinder ELO Score

Although Tinder denies using an ELO score to assess the attractiveness of profiles, they must use a similar metric. If your Tinder ELO score (or a similar score calculated by Tinder) isn't high enough, no matter how much Boost or Super Boost you buy, you won't be shown the most attractive profiles on Tinder.


However, if you reset your Tinder account, you will have no swipe history, so the algorithm will not be able to determine your attractiveness. So, even if you don't have an attractive Tinder profile, the algorithm will show you the most attractive profiles so it can learn how attractive you are.


2.4. You Are Constantly Out Of Tinder Profiles.

You live in a small neighbourhood or are a Tinder addict who is constantly running out of new profiles. In this case, make sure to review and improve your account before recreating it, so that when you reset Tinder, your new profile will have a higher match ratio.


2.5. Restart Your Tinder Account To Get A Second Chance On Tinder

If you've been using Tinder for a while, you've swiped thousands of profiles and thousands of profiles have swiped you left or right.


If you swiped left or they swiped left, you will never be able to match with them again. Perhaps you were unable to use Tinder Rewind and swiped left on a profile who you desired to swipe right on. Or perhaps you've improved your profile and believe you can improve your match ratio.


Tinder reset is the ideal solution for all of these issues because it provides you with a send chance for matching.


In the following section, we will go over the steps you must take in order to have your Tinder account reset. It is critical to emphasize that all of these steps must be completed in the order described here.



3. How To Reset Tinder Step By Step

The important thing to remember is that Tinder cannot find two pieces of information that are identical in your old and reset accounts. For example, if you have never added Facebook to your Tinder account, you can skip the Facebook-related steps.


3.1. Step 1. Delete Your Tinder Account

This step, of course, only applies if you still have your old Tinder account; if you've been banned and are unable to log in, skip this step.


We have a full article on how to delete your Tinder account, but the process is actually quite simple:

• Open up Tinder and tap your profile icon
• Tap on Settings
• Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Delete Account

3.2. Step 2.: Delete The Tinder App From Your Phone As Well

There are no instructions here because you should already know how to delete a mobile app from your phone.


3.3. Step 3: Unlink Tinder from the Facebook Linked Apps section.

This step is only required if you have linked your Tinder account to Facebook, which is not required.

• Visit and sign in.
• Choose Settings and Privacy from the arrow in the upper right corner, then click Settings.
• Click Apps and Website on the left side of the screen.
• Select Tinder.
• Scroll down and click the remove button


3.4. Step 4.: Get A Second Phone Or Second Sim Card

Tinder can be used without a phone number once you've registered, but they will send you an authentication code during the sign-up process. You'll need a new sim card and phone number for this.


If your phone has two SIM card slots, the second one can also be used. You can also get a used phone for a few dollars.


3.5. Step 5.: Make A New Apple ID Or Google Account ID

Because you will be downloading the app from an app store, your ID may be exposed to Tinder.


3.6. Step 6.: Change Your IP Address

Tinder also remembers your IP address from when you first signed up for Tinder, so change it when you download the app and recreate your account.


It is not difficult to change your IP address; if you are unsure, you can learn how to do so here.


3.7. Step 7.: Download The Tinder App Again

Make sure you download the app from the app store using your new Google Account or, if you have an iPhone, your Apple Account.


3.8. Step 8.: Recreate Your Tinder Account

With your new sim card, sign up for Tinder. You cannot use your Facebook account for this purpose unless you create a new one for your new Tinder account.


When you recreate your Tinder account, you must also upload completely new photos. Tinder also keeps your photos for three months after you delete your account, and the algorithm can easily detect if you upload the same photos multiple times. Don't sabotage the entire process in the final step; instead, take some new photos.


4. Some Additional Notes About Tinder Reset

Here are some additional thoughts on Tinder Reset to ensure that you truly want to reset your Tinder account.


If you had a Tinder Gold or Plus subscription, you won't be able to get it back because you can't link your old and new accounts. So, keep in mind that if you want to recreate your Tinder account, you must first delete it.


If you want to buy a new Tinder subscription, keep in mind that you cannot use your old credit or debit card because Tinder stores that information as well. If you want the premium features, you must use a different card.


5. Tinder Reset Risks

Tinder will undoubtedly ban or shadowban your account if you do not follow the step-by-step process outlined below. We have separate articles that show you how to check to see if your account has been banned or shadowbanned.


The only positive aspect of this situation is that if your Tinder account is banned, you can retry the Tinder reset process immediately after being banned. You simply must not use any data that could be linked to any of your previously banned or deleted accounts.


6. 2 Additional Methods Of Tinder Reset

If you find this complete Tinder Reset method too complicated, or if you are unable to do it right now, there are two Tinder reset techniques that should work if you want to get a new user boost from Tinder or reset your Tinder ELO score.


One of them is the white-hat method of Tinder Reset, in which Tinder has no problem with you resetting your account three months after you deleted the previous one.


The "black hat" Tinder reset method is the second option. If you have no other option, you must download and use Tinder ++, a hacked version of Tinder. In the following section, we will go over both of them in depth.


6.1. Tinder 3 Month Reset

Tinder currently stores your user data for three months after you delete your account, which means that if you delete your account and wait three months, you should be able to get back on Tinder with all of your old Tinder account information.


Tinder should have deleted all user data three months after you deleted your account, so they won't be able to link your old and new accounts.


So, if you can go three months without Tinder (and maybe try out another dating app like Bumble during that time), this could be the best way to get a Tinder reset without all the difficulties, tricks, and techniques of a full Tinder reset.


It is important to note that the Tinder 3 Months Reset method does not work if you have been explicitly banned from Tinder, as Tinder will not allow you to restart a Tinder account even if the 3 month period has passed.


If you were banned from Tinder, you must either follow the Tinder Reset process outlined above or use Tinder++, as explained below.


6.2. Use Tinder ++ To Reset Tinder

Downloading and using Tinder ++ is another "black hat" method for resetting your Tinder account.


7. Frequently Asked Questions
• What Is Tinder Reset?

Tinder Reset Is The Process Of Deleting Then Recreating Your Tinder Account To Get The Benefits Of A Brand New Account, Such As A Natural Boost In Visibility, Reset Tinder Matches, Swipes, And ELO Score.


• Does Tinder Reset Still Work?

Yes, Tinder Reset still works if you do it correctly. It used to be very simple, but not any longer, as you must wait at least three months after your account has been deleted before you can create a new account without incurring any Tinder penalties. Alternatively, you can do it by following the steps outlined in this article.


• How To Reset A Tinder Account?

The exact step-by-step procedure is quite complicated, but the bottom line is that you must ensure that your new account is not linked to your old account by any mutual data (Facebook account, phone number, etc.).


• How Many Times Can You Reset A Tinder Account?

You can reset your Tinder profile as many times as you want if you do it correctly.


• Will I Be Shadow banned If I Reset My Tinder Account?

If Tinder can link your new account to your old one, your new account will be banned or shadow banned. However, if you manage to leave no trace, you won't have to worry.


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