Should girls take the lead on the bed?

Should girls take the lead on the bed?

Should girls take the lead on the bed?

1. Tell him you are not wearing panties 

Okay, so perhaps you are trying to get further oral about having and enjoying sex with your better half. This is the stylish way to do just that. You could call him, shoot a text, or tell him face to face. Any man knows that when his woman says she is not wearing panties, that is an each-access invite for sex. 

2. Give him a sportful spank 

It is veritably important to cover your better half’s mood before trying this tip. It is important that both of you are formerly vibing and being sportful. Giving him a spank just tells him that you are ready to take effects to the coming position. Plus, the relationship you have with this person must be solid, beget some people take a lot of trivial effects way too seriously. 

3. Tell him to undress 

Thinking of sounding further confident, sexy, and assertive, also get ready to command your soldier to action. Remember, talk is cheap, do not sound confident when you are not ready to take charge till the end. There is just commodity about taking charge every formerly in a while that men love. So do not just talk the talk, back it up with conduct too. 
You could walk over to him and say, “ take off your clothes and meet me in the bedroom, you have five minutes”. Do a boss stroll back to the bed, or wherever you plan to have sex and let that man follow you there. 

4. Grope him sexually 

This tip is only for individuals who have been in a partnership for a while. That is because some people may find groping offensive. Still, if your man does not mind a little butt smack then, or you touching on his body freely, also go right ahead. 

5. Tickle him 

Tickling your man is another delightful way to initiate sex. First of all, it lightens the mood, you are both laughing, and you can lean in for a kiss in between. Tickling him will get him in the mood for sex, especially when you know how to work his body. Do not just tickle him until he can not breathe in between laughs anymore. 
Do it in a sexy way, and with the sole purpose of getting him in the mood to have sex. That means you will have to talk in between, talk about his body, how you want to lick him, or how sexy his lips look when he laughs. You will be taking all that fun to the bedroom in no time. 

6. Put his hands on your body 

Another non-awkward way to initiate sex is by making your better half suppose it is his idea. It may not be the most outspoken way to go about it, but it gets the job done. So how do you initiate sex simply by placing his cold hands on your body? It is a simple, use strategy. What part of your body does your better half fancy the most? 
Where is the first place his hands go to when both of you are getting intimated? That is the stylish way to figure out what easy turns him on when having sex. However, while talking or playing with him, put his hands there and lean in a little, If it is your boobs. However, thighs, cheeks, If it is your butt. 

7. Set the mood 

Sex just happens occasionally, but in other cases, you have to set the mood. Go for scented candles, rose petals, coitus toys, and anything that will incontinently suggest sex to your better half. Telling him you want sex by showing him is also veritably sexy. So do not feel like you are playing it safe, setting the mood for sex is just as important. 

8. Ask him 

“ Baby, I am aroused, let’s have sex”. This sounds a little bit forward right? Well, it’s not. When you are in a married relationship, you owe it to each other to make your sex life intriguing. So do not be scared to ask him, he may not always be in the mood, but when he discovers that you infrequently ask for sex, he will certainly make an effort. 

9.Talk dirty to him 

Speaking dirty to your man is one of the fastest ways to get him in the mood for sex. Plus, telling him things like “ I want your hard cock in my mouth” spurs his imagination, and expectation starts to rise. So without having to kiss, touch or grab him, your guy already gets the message you are passing which is, “ I want to have sex with you”. 

10. Schedule it 

Some couples take a more simple way when it comes to initiating sex. It may sound nonerotic, but there is no need to undermine scheduling if it works. It takes the pressure of initiating sex and helps the people who are in a relationship to work around a busy schedule. 

11. Lure him in 

Did you know that simply placing sex toys in strategic places, say, the bedroom (it is the safest place, especially if you have kids) that is an awesome way to pass your message across? If he walks into the room and sees some lube, a vibrator, edible panties, and more, he will get ready to dive right into bed with you. 

12. Be flirty and playful 

Some individuals can have sex in any mood. Still, if you are not about that dark or moody sex, it is best to keep things delightful and vibrant. Be playful’ lick your lips, wink at him and subtly touch his body or rub yours against his. He will surely get your message. 


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