Are you afraid to date because of your body?

 Are you afraid to date because of your body?

Are you afraid to date because of your body?_

Whether you are a male or a female the dating scene is nerve-wracking for anyone. It does not matter if you are skinny, fat, or average-looking, we are all being scrutinized. Profile big screens are studied in minute detail, descriptions are under forensic examination. 

 We take nanoseconds to swipe left on a dating app and reject someone who does not match our exact conditions. Meanwhile, beauty standards are no longer attainable. Fashion models and celebrities are photoshopped and airbrushed to appear unnaturally pretty and thin.

 At the other end of the scale, there is a steady rise in the number of children under ten years old suffering from an eating disorder. 

 So it is not surprising that if you are fat you might be reticent to step into the dating scene. You may believe that you do not meet society’s ideals when it comes to an attractive better half. 

You might have tried online dating and have come used to rejection, or indeed been subject to abuse like fat-shaming. You may have reached the point where you suppose to find the love you should diet and lose weight. 

 Maybe you are a plus-size woman with low self-esteem and you want to try online courting but you are apprehensive. 

 I am then to give some great tips that will help you to raise your confidence. The good news is they do not all involve going on a diet. 

 There is a wrong and a right way to post profiles online when you are overweight And I can also give you some ideas of what to wear if you are over-weight to flatter a larger figure. 

1. Be honest about your weight 

 If you are posting a description for online courting you must be honest about your weight. There is no point pretending to be a zero figure or just posting headshots. For some daters, being fat is a deal-breaker. 

 I am not suggesting you try and put shut them. Everyone chooses their most flattering picture and writes a favourable description of themselves. Just choose a picture where you are wearing make-up and your hair is done up for a night out. Use a full-body big screen that does not accentuate your weight. 

2. But do not make your profile all about your weight 

Your weight is just one aspect of who you are. People tend to look at the big screen before they read descriptions on dating apps. So it is pretty probably they will have an idea of what you weigh before they get to your description of yourself. 

 There is no need to be funny or apologetic about your overweight. You are what you are. Some humans will be attracted to you and others won’t be. Which is normal. 

3. Your meeting might not care about your weight 

 So you were honest on your dating profile and posted a really big screen of yourself and now you are eventually in a bar with a man. What does that tell you? It tells you that you are more concerned about your weight than your meeting partner is. 

People are attracted to confidence, humour, kindness, compassion, empathy, and manners. Sure, features are important as well but they are not everything. 

4. Get a great haircut 

 When you are fat, occasionally you neglect other aspects of your appearance. Why bother with hair or makeup? No one is paying you any attention? You feel unseen so you act as if you are unnoticeable. Or you feel ashamed about your weight and you do not want people to notice you. 

 You are used to hiding down. Well, that won’t do anymore. Go to a parlour for a haircut with great reviews and ask for their advice about the best hairstyle for your face. With a flattering haircut, you will instantly feel uplifted and confident. 

5. Cut out junk food 

 I know, this was the last thing you wanted to hear, but bear with me. Junk food makes you sluggish, it affects your skin and hair and it piles on the pounds. Before you indeed think about entering the dating pool, give yourself an aim weight and wean yourself off junk food and take-out food. 

 I am not advocating starting a diet, but a switch from junk food to healthier options will make you feel better both physically and mentally. You will begin to feel some control over your weight and this is empowering. 

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