Did you have a bad date?

 Did you have a bad date?

Unfortunately, having bad dates are a common part of the dating world, particularly in the online dating world. When you chat with someone online, you do not get to know them as well as you do when the two of you are in person.
Also, when you meet them for a lunch date, that mask comes off. You eventually get to see the real person rather than the image that they are portraying online. This can turn out wonderfully. They might be really funny! It can also turn out to be the bad date you have ever been on.
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Signs Of A Bad Date

Occasionally, guys get nervous. They are not chatty and do not know what to say other than “ you are so pretty!” That is not the most enjoyable first date, but it is not necessarily a sign of a bad date either. However, keep an eye out for these signs, If you are wondering whether it was a bad date and trying to decide if you want to take a chance the other night out.

1) You feel unsafe

 How you feel during a date can speak volumes about the person that you are with. You should noway ignore your six sense feeling. However, do not go out on another date, If you are out with someone and do not feel like you are safe with them. Do not waste your time trying to find the reason behind that feeling or go on another date with someone that makes you feel that way.

2) He makes you uncomfortable

 One of the worst effects is when you click with someone online, but seconds into your first meeting in person they make you feel uncomfortable. However, take a step back to consider why they are, If the person themselves is making you uncomfortable. Is the discussion full of silences?
 Do you think that you are safe? That can tell you whether you want to give them another chance or not. Do not forget to hear to your gut on this one, too.

3) They are rude

 When a person is rude to the server, it shows a lot about their character. However, you, and just about anyone, If your date is packed with the man not being polite to the staff. This is especially true if the man does not realize that he is being disrespectful. Do not call him again.

4) They spend the whole date glued to their cellphones

This is dating etiquette 101. Do not spend time on your phone. You can sneak it out to eye at a message or leave it on the table if you have children. Still, when a man spends utmost of the evening looking at his phone it shows a clear lack of interest in you. It also makes for a veritably boring evening for you.

5) They get assertive about having sex

 When a man does not respect your boundaries regarding sexual intercourse, it shows that he is only after one thing. Men that keep trying to end the night early while he inviting you back to his place are not interested in getting to know you well or having a relationship with you. Do not bother going out for drinks with this man.

6) You are fighting

This is one of the significant red flags! You should be laughing and having a great time, not arguing who should pay the bill. However, do you want to see how the end is? If this is how the beginning is going.

7) No direction in life

 Asking people questions about life aims is a great way to get to know them! It is one of the most popular subjects for that first time out to dinner. Guy with no direction will have a hard time answering questions about their future. At best, you are going to get vague responses. However, there is no opportunity for a relationship that sluggishly progresses over time either, If there is no direction in their life.

8) It is an uncomfortable interview

 Have you ever been on a date where an individual asks you rapid-fire questions? It makes sense that someone might want to go through all of their deal combers because they do not want to waste time. Still, this is the contrary of fun for everyone involved. They might be more interested in changing a person to spend their life with than actually finding love.

9) There is no interest in getting to know you

 While asking too numerous questions can be uncomfortable, not asking any can be just as bad, but differently. When you are out with a man, and he does not ask about anything, it shows that he is not there to get to know you. You want someone that wants the same thing that you do, so you need to precisely consider whether you will give this man another night to try again or not.

10) The discussion is sorrowfully boring

This is not the fun man that you thought it would be. Occasionally, first dates are awkward by nature, but this is different. The man does not feel to have chat skills. At all. There are so numerous nervous silences it makes you wish you had brought a friend along. Dating is supposed to be amusing, not consist of the two of you staring at the table.

11) You find out that you and your date partner want different things

 He wants a one-night stand after dinner, and you want a lifelong relationship. While the two of you can still have a great time, you can not help but notice that he just wasted your time by not being honest in the beginning.

12) He won't stop talking about his ex-girlfriend or his kids

These are two of the major turn off’s on a date. If he is still talking about his ex-girlfriend non-stop, he is not over her yet. He might try to justify it, but do not fall for it. You want a partner that is emotionally available when you need him and not still off mourning his previous relationship.
Understandably, individuals talk about their children. However, there are those individuals that are obsessed with their kids. They do not have a lifetime of their own. Going on a date consists of learning about their kid’s hobbies, psychological health disorders, what is going on in their life, etc. You are dating them, not their kids (at least not yet.) This makes you wonder if they even have any hobbies.

13) You are not present at the moment

If you find your mind wandering off to what you are going to get at the grocery store, how your job is going, etc. it is a sign that it is headed downhill. Even if he did not do anything wrong, you are just not into him. You will always be present at the moment and hear what he is saying when you like him.

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