Top 10 Ways to make online Dating Fun!

Sweet Nothings of Online Relationships

Are sweet nothings of an online relationship only that? It is the sweet nothings of a relationship? Hahaha! I know you all agree. While we all love to play along and just go with the flow online and that they are mostly never serious, there could be moments when you fall head over heels for someone; maybe because she seems as complicated as you are or maybe because he syncs with your quirks just so perfectly that it all feels like a match made in heaven, although it is all only because of computer algorithms.

1.A Tangible Twist

And then, you tend to do the riskiest thing possible. You start sweet talking to them which could put them off if they are not exactly where you are. So here you are thinking they could be the one but you still don’t know if they like you back the way you do. It is the same whirlwind drama again. “Does he feel it or not?” “Do I come in his dreams or not?” Well, don’t stress over it. This article is all about the sweetest nothings that you could do to keep the boat stable and sailing. These are like the salt that you put in negligible proportion but gives a tangible twist in taste. You can just sneak this on to your to-be partner and make them fall for you without them even noticing and continue making the relationship grow stronger even if it is online.

Is it Dating Challenging Online? 

Nope. Maybe it is easier than in real life. Screens have a way of bringing out our true self too quick; mentally, sexually and physically to the people we love and care about. It is easier to break our barriers and comfort zone through the masking of screens than having to deal with it in real-time. With today’s increase in the consumption of the digital world in our day-to-day life, there are a lot of grounds that you can play with your partner virtually. But remember don’t play with it too much and definitely not too less. Just keep it cazhh…! And remember that the person on the other end of the screen hasn’t seen or known you before so you can be whatever you want to be with them. So leave your anxiety and shyness at the bay and be unapologetically yourself. If not a relationship, you would have at least had a fun time!

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2.Memes all the way!

Memes are the new heroic cool stuff that we try to do to impress our love interest. A meme is a superpower that can be funny, witty, intelligent and insightful. You can be all that by just sharing a meme or if you can do it yourself, then that is pretty great but sharing relatable memes is itself a separate love language. 

3.The art of online knock-knockin’ 

Tagging in posts are ways to tell your lover that they are occupying your head space rent-free. They are also cute gestures that will make them smile and are the equivalent to checking in now and then. Did I also mention you could also use them as shady ways to initiate difficult conversations that you can’t do otherwise? You are welcome!

4.A stay-in Date Night  

Gosh!! How we miss date nights right? Getting dressed up and having good food with that fluttering feeling in your stomach through it all? Who said you can’t do the same in online relationships just because of a screen? Go get dressed, flaunt your assets and sit before a cup of hot noodles and video call the apple of your eye just to see them all dressed up for you as well and have one amazing night together over laughs and conversations. Who knows what the night will lead to? ;)

5.Burn that energy together! 

How is working out on video call sweet? Trust me. It is incredibly sweet. While we are engulfed by this pandemic and are looking for ways to keep us sane, it becomes easier to involve human connections as much as we can in this time of isolation. And a workout session on a video call with your lover can just boost your day like nothing else as it will be a treat for your body and eyes as well. Can’t disagree right? 

6.Go to the Office Together!

Have you ever had an office romance? If you did you will remember how excited you were to go to that routine work even with that traffic every day. Now it is just so easy to have that and the best part is that your better half needn’t even be at the same office. You can be doing different works but whenever you are feeling drained by the day, form a virtual collaborative workspace with a click of the button. However much time spent with them is still not enough time, right?

7.Virtual Movie Parties

Are you guys both a movie freak? You like to watch random movies or fight over what is the best movie? Well, to settle down on it, get into a virtual telepathy with your better half and watch each other’s favorite movies and settle down the bet for once and all. You don’t need a big screen and romantic setup, you just need that one person. Right? Near or far.

8.Did somebody say Jiffs!?

GIFS (pronounced jiffs or gifs or G-I-F? I settle it with gifs) are quirky and fun and hilarious. Sending each other random GIFs through the day can just brighten up the mood and keep wanting for more. Conversing through GIFs can itself be a stress buster and make the mood light and breezy after an argument. Modern problems need modern solutions. 

9.A Modern-day Scrapbook!

Snap and share pictures all day, every day about your whereabouts and what about, random things that made you happy or a thought that came to your mind. It allows you to share your intimate feelings and thoughts just the way you would do if you both were together in real-time. There are various digital platforms like Instagram, Snap chat etc., where you get various features to get creative and spin yourself out! 

10.Speaking the Love Language!

I think everyone would agree that there is nothing sexier in your partner than when they show their true self, through what speaks to them the most- a personal playlist, a poem or a movie. And it is, even more, sexier when you show interest to speak their love language and get involved in their passion just a little bit if you can, and share their interests through the large content available on the Internet. It is a way of telling them “Hey! I am starting to like who you are than what you seem to be!” when you have no means to do it in real-time.

Smileys for Instant Smiles

Can smileys beat anything? Even with cooler GIF that came into production, they couldn’t beat smileys! Smileys are a wonderful way to instantly convey feelings and emotions. It is also a way to tease each other with. You can create a game out of it too and go crazy with your person.

Whether it is a real-time or a virtual relationship, it is all in the end,  matters of the heart and where there is a will there is a way! Some of these things you might already know and some would have been new to you. If I missed anything, please comment below! And have a wonderful time with your lover!

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