What does dating mean for guys?

What does dating mean for guys? 

What does dating mean for guys?_ichhori.com

The concept of dating can be confusing for a lot of us. It is far more difficult to understand what the other person thinks when they use the term 'dating'. We have tried to crack what thing dating can mean!  

What is 'Dating?  

Dating in the traditional sense is a chance to identify and assess the suitability of a prospective partner for a long-term relationship. The concept of dating differs from gender to gender. Women are emotionally wired, whereas men evaluate dates analytically. Likewise, men and women can behave differently when it comes to dating etiquette and expected behaviours. 

What are the challenges faced by men?  

Dating someone can have different meanings for different men. In some cases, men are very clear about what they are looking for in a woman as a partner from the very beginning. The observation game is quite strong among men with a happy-go-lucky persona and gentlemanly qualities during the first few dates. 
When a potential date does not meet their expectations, they take no time to end it. So dating with men and dating with women are two very different games. 
However, when it comes to dating, things are not so smooth and clear for all men. Everyone has their struggles. For Introvert men find it difficult to open up during their first date, which gives the wrong impression of disinterest to women. 
Women tend to turn away men who are 'ready to commit simply because they date with marriage or commitment in mind. Finally, there are 'shy men' who find it difficult to ask someone out. A few sure-fire ways to score high on your first date can help you score high if you have the courage to date.  
Here are some scenarios that come to our mind which might be the case! 

1) Exploring choices 

He might be just exploring his choices. There are many fishes in the sea, and it takes time to find 'the one'. Exploring choices is not a bad thing if there is open communication about it.  

2) Expand their social circle 

A guy dating you could also be a way to expand their social circle. It is possible that a guy asks you to hang out with him not because he wants a committed relationship, but because he wants to be friends, though some men may have malicious motives behind their actions. However, some men wish to network with rich and powerful women, either for good reasons or to exploit them. It is always better to check their intentions!  

3) A Social Experiment 

When a man is self-obsessed, dating someone means making you into a ruler he can use to measure his accomplishments and success, so he can feel good about himself, or maybe at least find the information he needs to evaluate himself. Dating is a form of social experimentation for this type of person. Perhaps he wants to be with you, but that's not what his main idea of dating is. 

4) Societal Pressures 

Men who have reached a certain age or status but have no dating life are often pressured by society in this way. Sometimes, family and friends force these men to find someone, get to know them, enter the dating world, and eventually become a couple. 

5) Love To Be Around Women 

When dating a guy, he may get to spend time with women because they love the female energy around them. Therefore, dating for them would no longer mean getting to know 

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someone better or wanting to be in a committed relationship. This reason is not wrong, but it can be time-wasting for women who want a serious relationship. 

6) Making another lady jealous 

Generally, a guy in this category is not looking to settle with you, as he is using you to make someone he probably loves very jealous. So, depending on how much he loves the other woman, you will see this guy setting up dates in places where the other woman will be. 

7) Emotional bonding 

Emotional connection is something we all desire. Throughout our lives, we have this need for social interaction and for forming relationships; it's a need we have to satisfy. When someone is looking to bond emotionally with you, he won't tell you that his ultimate goal is to get into a relationship with you.  

8) Just Having Fun 

Dating has a different meaning for every guy. A guy has his own definition of dating, and that is how he is able to relate that meaning to every encounter he has with the opposite sex on the very meaning of the word dating. Therefore, some guys, just want to have fun with the opposite sex. 

9) They Are Seeking Someone Who Meets Their Criteria 

There are some men who go around looking for women who meet their criteria. In other words, they want to be exclusive. Since exclusivity is what separates dating from being in a relationship, these types of men are definitely looking for a bond. 

10) The Ego Booster 

Strangely enough, some people still view dating as an ego booster. Since time immemorial, there has been male ego fragility. Guys may take you out on a date to brag to their friends, especially if you happen to be on their list. They have a list of women they want to check out, like a bucket list but for women.  

11) Being in a relationship 

For some guys, dating means being in a committed relationship. This exclusivity defines the boundaries of the relationship. Only the couple is in the relationship. Only the two of them will go on dates, and no one else will be on a talking stage with them.  

Everyone's opinion about dating can be different it’s always good to have open communication while you are with them! Don't forget to look out for the flags and don't wait to share when you find something you are not comfortable with.   


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