Which countries have allowed surrogacy?

Which countries have allowed surrogacy?

Which countries have allowed surrogacy?_ichhori.com
Surrogacy is still a matter of discussion today in different countries. Some countries have given the green flag by allowing the surrogacy practice while others have completely banned it and doing so is considered illegal in those countries. Surrogacy is a big money-making business across countries. Due to its misuse, the governments of various countries took the step of banning it till further notice. In India, surrogacy was the major point of money-making before 2015. It used to make approx $400 million every year. 

The article below will help you understand the list of all those countries that have permitted surrogacy. Check if your country is one of them. 

Which all countries have authorized surrogacy? 

The following countries have permitted surrogacy practices. All such countries list is stated below -


Whether it's for the altruistic purpose or the commercial purpose, surrogacy is well accepted in Russia. Although, the couple is required to abide by all the laws meant for the surrogacy procedure and eligibility. Russia is one of their nations where the laws meant for surrogate mothers are very detailed & in-depth. The surrogacy facilities in Russia are not only meant for the country natives but for the external outsiders or we can say foreigners as well. It's possible via gestational surrogacy. Such practices can be followed by only either single mothers or heterosexual couples. Here, the single men or the couples who are partnered in the same gender relationships are banned from having this activity. Despite all such rules, since 2014, there have been various lawful discussions being carried on to allow at least single men to undergo the surrogacy process. This is to equate gender and avoid sex discrimination. 


The surrogacy process has been legal in Greece for years now. The major point is that earlier only the natives of Greece could avail of the assisted reproduction services in Greece. But, now it's openly available for foreigners as well. In a country like Greece, the correct age to opt for surrogacy service by intended parents is defined by the judiciary. The laws defined under Greece, allow only women to take charge of surrogacy. Men aren't allowed to deep dive into this process & only single-handed mothers or heterosexual couples can opt for this remedy. 


In 2015, commercial surrogacy was reportedly banned by the government. There are several rules and regulations made in India to follow the surrogacy process. Though recent news stated that surrogacy isn't meant for every couple and has been banned from India completely. But, it's allowed for heterosexual couples who are married. If their home country permits them to have the child from the surrogacy mother, then such a process can be carried out in India for those couples. Hence, a lot of couples aren't allowed to opt for surrogacy in India due to this. 


Kazakhstan's entire de facto & legal scenario is similar to that of Russia. The surrogacy charges and other formalities are quite in alignment with that of the United State's surrogacy pricing norms. This similarity makes the country unpleasant and deforming to carry out surrogacy practices. Due to these reasons, you will find surrogacy cases very rarely that are next to no number.   


Thailand is very well known for vetoed surrogacy. Illegally performing surrogacy activities is strictly considered to be an offensive act in this country. All such clinics, intermediates, or folks in person or any commodity seem to be involved in such an act is contemplated to be a part of a criminal offense. 


Georgia has witnessed extremely few cases of surrogacy mothers to date. Its been also revealed that the legal status of Georgia is pretty much similar to that of Ukraine. Maybe because of its strict laws and conducts, it's having very few surrogate real-time cases. 


Among various states here, only Tabasco and Sinaloa have allowed surrogacy in their respective states. In other states, the act of surrogacy isn't banned. The only thing is that it's not regulated freely there. For initiating the surrogacy process in Mexican states, it's quintessential to seek judicial authorization. Once the judgment has been passed by the supreme authorities, you are free to initiate the process. The benefits of surrogacy here are similar to those that you will find in the USA. Although, in Mexican states, the same service is available at much lower prices. 


Ukraine is considered to be one of those nations where there is a very strict and detailed lawsuit made for the surrogacy prevalence. Only those heterosexual couples that possess marital status with a chance of concern to men or women's fertility problems can avail themselves of the surrogate facilities. The genetic material is to be provided by one of the partners of the couple itself. The other gender who has fertility issues needs to showcase a medical certificate illustrated with the same. 


Only some parts of the US have allowed surrogacy activity. Major parts of the USA still don't accept surrogacy. Although, this country doesn't possess any strong surrogacy law. The recognition of the child's parentage is done by the judiciary over the 6th month pregnancy period of the surrogacy mother. The final decision of the judge is based upon the agreement held between two parties & the US court's basic norms. Moreover, there aren't any genetic obligations over who can carry the surrogate child. It can be men or women. 

Key Takeaways

Each of the countries that have allowed the practice of surrogacy has a different system in place. Every one of them follows different pros & cons. Formalities for surrogacy in one country might not be similar to what is being followed by another country. You need to go for in-depth research and proper surrogate counseling to know all the terms and conditions involved with surrogacy according to each country. So, you need to be extra sure of each detail told by the counselor and then only make up your mind whether you can be one of them.  


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