Does ovarian cyst cause lower back pain?

 Does ovarian cyst cause lower back pain?

Does ovarian cyst cause lower back pain?

Though they may sound scary, ovarian cysts are quite common, and they are usually harmless. Any ovulating woman can develop a cyst, and most likely will. Still, the type and size of the cyst may necessitate a different sort of care and should cause symptoms in other places on your body.
Our warm and discreet medical professionals at Eve Medical of Miami in Miami, Florida, can assist you if you are experiencing pain in or around your stomach, including your lower back. Though lower aft issues typically involve the muscles or bones, pain in your organs can appear in your back and could be a symptom of a cyst.

What is an ovarian cyst?

A cyst may be a collection of body fluid that collects during a sac that attaches to tissues or organs in your body. Cysts are overall more a nuisance than a medical concern, but certain cysts may have treatment. Ovarian cysts form on or within the ovaries, and there are two sorts of ovarian cysts that affect numerous women follicular cysts and corpus luteum cysts.
Follicular cysts are the more common of the two sorts of ovarian cysts. Generally occurring at the midpoint of the menstrual cycle, follicular cysts are created when an egg fails to burst from the ovary to travel down the fallopian tube. Because the egg continues to grow, it can cause a problem, but this normally resolves on its own.
Corpus luteum cysts occur when the egg makes its way to the fallopian tube, but fluid begins to accumulate within the ovary that released the egg, or the corpus luteum. Like follicular cysts, corpus luteum cysts also generally resolve on their own. Other sorts of cysts can affect your ovaries, including endometriomas, the namesake for endometriosis.
Dermoid cysts and cystadenomas are ovarian cysts that will grow large enough to affect the placement of your ovaries. When this happens, it is common for blood inflow to the ovary to be compromised from the weight of the cyst, causing your ovary to twist. This painful condition is called ovarian torsion.

Is it causing my low back pain?

Whether or not your cyst could also be responsible for your back pain usually depends on the size and severity of the cyst. However, inconsistent, and dull, If your back pain is mild. Still, if this pain is not accompanied by pelvic pain or pressure, spotting, constipation, or irregular Menstruation, your ovaries might not be to blame for your back problems.
Still, your provider at Eve Medical of Miami offers an ultrasound to form sure if they determine that to be appropriate for you, If you are not sure.

Can I have the cyst removed?

Although you may have a cyst removed, this is often only done if the cyst is painful, cancerous, or may cause other issues. As mentioned, utmost ovarian cysts are common and resolve on their own without pain or other symptoms. However, you will need prompt medical attention, If your cyst is ruptured or puts pressure on other organs.
To schedule an examination for your ovarian cyst, call our office in Miami, Florida, or request an appointment here on the website.

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