How do you use the Aisle dating app ?

How do you use the Aisle dating app ?

How do you use the Aisle dating app ?

Aisle is an online match making application. It can be hard to find the right match online because people only visit such dating apps as time passes. But, Aisle wanted to put a stop to this thinking and make the app with all security and relevant information. The app was founded by Able Joseph, earlier in July 2014. Their app is particularly for Indians and for those who are looking for serious relationships that can even turn into marriages. The app gained a lot of popularity among Indians from its launch date. And, guess what, this popularity is only increasing with each passing day. 
The best part about the Aisle app is that people come here through a good word of mouth from the other users. This is because the Aisle app never advertises itself on any of the platforms. The app brings to you your right match by keeping a background check of the personality with the most suitable personality. Also, if you're an Android user or an Ios user, then congratulations, this app is meant for you. The Aisle app is one of the most trustworthy dating apps among Indian people. You can thoroughly rely upon it and make the best use out of it to find your perfect soulmate. Also, if you need to notice a vital point here, use this app only if you can spend a little money on it. If you have no plans to make any investment then for sure, this app is not for you. The app allows you to choose the match according to your religion preference. 
Whether you want to choose Indian Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist. Apart from this, the app allows you to have conversations in multiple languages like Bengali, English, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu etc. You also need to mention whether you smoke or not, drink alcohol or not etc. Make sure to answer everything relevant so that there is no problem at the end. You are also required to clearly state about your level of anger, mood swings, likes, dislikes etc so that you get the complimentary match that will meet your needs according to your personality. 
The article today is going to help you understand the use of the Aisle dating application. 

How do you use the Aisle dating app?

Using the Aisle app is pretty simple. To use the aisle app, you need to create your ID on it by signing up via your contact number or through the Facebook app. Once you log in through your phone number, it will ask for an opt to access the aisle platform, and if you log in through your Facebook, it will fetch the details automatically. After signing in, you are required to fill your bio with relevant information to get people to notice you. Also, once you log in, you need to get yourself verified onto the app and pass the criteria set by the App's guidelines. You need to make sure to prove that your ID is genuine and you are looking for serious relationships. Your profile goes through a deep authentication process to make sure you are not fake or a robot and this entire confirmation process can take up to 10 working days from the creation date of your ID. You will be asked to upload at least two of your pictures that should be decent enough. Then the app team will go through a personalized check of your uploaded images and might ask you to upload them if they are not good or clear. 
You will also be asked to fill out a sign up form. In that form, you mention all of your relevant details like place, hobbies, job, child adoption thoughts, open to adopting pets, color, favorite food, goals, etc. Moreover, when you become a user of Aisle, you are not required to pay the membership fee. Instead of this, you will be asked to buy the invites so that you can date them later. Only after that, you will be able to text people and set up the date. Generally, the price for three invites is around  INR 1,999 or US$33 and for the seven invites it's around INR 3,999 US$66. When you invite the other person and it gets accepted, then your one invite will be considered as used which you can't take advantage of to invite another person.  
You can also choose to have the concierge option where you benefit from all the premium features of the Aisle app along with getting the double preference and personalized matchmaking. Before using the app, in the form itself, you will be asked to do the rating 1 out of 10 for your interest, hobbies, and other things you like. You will be also asked to express your weight, height, caste, religion, etc in the application. You can easily open the application on your desktop and use it to find the right match. Many other matchmaking apps don't allow you to open their app on the desktop version. 

Key Takeaways 

So, overall, it is a good app other than its price. It provides a safe environment for women to find a right match for themselves. If you have a special place for Indian culture and are looking forward to meeting the right person through this app, then it's surely meant for you. You will be easily able to understand the ways to use the app without having a strong educational background. There are many success stories with the Percent matches that have happened through this app since 2014. So, if you want to find your soulmate for a long time, then exploring this app is a must but if you are looking for a time pass then it's not meant for you. Also, you don't need to worry about how to use the aisle app. It's because, in every step of your application process, you are guided by the relevant steps. 


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