Is bumble boost worth it?

Is bumble boost worth it? 

Is bumble boost worth it?

In this blog, we will answer every question you have ever had about Bumble Boost, the feminist Tinder’s lower level premium subscription and also give a review and tell you whether it is worth the money. What features you will get access to, it is price, how does it compare to Tinder Plus and Gold, whether you should get it and much more. 

What Is Bumble Boost? 

Bumble Boost is Bumble’s a lower level premium subscription which makes it easier for users to use the app and maximize the number of matches they can get. By purchasing Bumble Boost, you will get access to features that free users can not or can only use a limited number of times. 
 Lately, Bumble has split legacy Bumble Boost to a revamped Bumble Boost and a Bumble Premium subscription. So some Bumble features are now only available to Bumble Premium subscribers. 

Bumble Boost Features 

 The revamped Bumble Boost will give you access to the following features 

Bumble Beeline 
Bumble Extend 
Bumble Unlimited swiping 
Bumble Backtrack 
One free Bumble Spotlight per week 
Five Bumble Superswipes per week for                free. 

Legacy Bumble Boost subscribers also had access to Bumble Rematch, Unlimited filters and Bumble Beeline but not anymore. However, you have to upgrade to Bumble Premium, If you want to use those features. 
Let us go through the features step by step, explain how do they help you, and if they can be useful for you. However, you can read further details about the features as we have written separate compositions about each of the features If you want more details. 

Still, you can check out this videotape as well , If you prefer a videotape explanation. Bumble Extend 

Perhaps, one of the most useful features of Bumble Boost is Bumble Extend. This is a unique feature in Bumble that would not make sense in Tinder or any other lovemaking application, as it is related to the core functionality in Bumble. When you have a match in Bumble, only the girl can start the chat and she has twenty-four hours to do so. However, the match disappears, If she does not send any messages. 
With Bumble Extend, you can extend your matches for unlimited hours so they do not get disappeared. It applies to both men and women. Women can extend the twenty-four hours, so they have one further day to craft the perfect openers and guys can use Extend to give the girls twenty-four further hours. 
To be fair, most of the time Extend is used by guys who can show the girls one further time that they are interested in them. 
Without Bumble Boost you also get one Extend a day, but if you are crushing with Bumble you most likely will have further matches to use Extend for. 
All in all, a very useful feature in Bumble Boost, one of the features it might be worth purchasing Bumble Boost for. 

Bumble Backtrack 

Bumble Backtrack, the feature that helps you cancel a right swipe on Bumble, used to be a free Bumble feature but not anymore. You have to have a Bumble Boost subscription if you want to use it. 
It can be a useful feature as you can accidentally swipe someone left who you wanted to swipe right. You can cancel your last swipe by using Bumble Backtrack. 

Unlimited Swiping 

Bumble used to have unlimited swiping to differentiate itself from Tinder, but not anymore. Although the exact number is not publicly communicated, the number of right swipes per day has been limited for a while now. When you maximum out your day-to-day swipe limit you will see a message like this 
 With this new rule, it is not a surprise that you get the feature of unlimited swiping with Bumble Boost.
You will like this feature the most if you live in a big city and you're using Bumble day and night. 

Bumble Boost Cost 

 After explaining the main functionalities, let us talk about the price tag, so we can put into perspective how much money we have to pay for the features that are not available in the free plan. 
Bumble Boost price depends on the length of your subscription, that can be only one week and unlike on Tinder, you can buy Bumble Boost for a lifetime that is relatively useful if you are a hardcore user, although not the most optimistic if you aim to get a lady or beau as soon as possible. At the time of this writing, you can buy Bumble Boost for the following periods 

Weekly Subscription 8.99 USD per week 
Monthly Subscription 24.99 USD per month 
Three Month Subscription 49.99 USD every three months 
Lifetime Subscription139.99 USD (one-time payment) 

With this pricing structure, if you are planning to use Bumble for more than one year, it is worth getting the lifetime subscription, which is pretty cool. 
Still, the easiest way to find out your prices is to try to sign up for Bumble Boost. 

How To Sign Up For A Bumble Boost Subscription? 

There are multiple ways to sign up for Bumble Boost. Bumble is constantly changing this as they are experimenting with it how they can maximize the number of Boost subscribers. Then are two ways you can sign up 
 Go to your profile page where they promote Boost feature Beeline. Then you can tap on “ Activate” and you will be taken to a Boost purchase funnel. 
Go to your Connections screen. However, if you have not swiped them yet, you will see those then with a green circle containing a blurred profile photograph, If you have profiles who swiped you right. If you click any of these profile prints you will be redirected to a Boost subscription page.

Bumble Boost Vs Tinder Plus And Gold

To be ready to evaluate the relative value of Bumble Boost it’s useful to match it with Bumble’s big brother Tinder and its premium subscription plans. Although Tinder has two premium subscriptions, Tinder Plus and Gold, we expect it is fairer to match Bumble Boost to Tinder Boost.
In terms of features, we believe both have some good pluses
Tinder Plus has one Boost per month that is arguably the foremost useful feature in Tinder. Bumble Boost does not provide any Spotlight (Bumble’s feature is almost like Tinder Boost), and it does not include any Super Swipe either, whereas Tinder Plus grants the user with five free Super Likes per day. (although some of them would argue Super Likes or Super Swipes are worthless).
One of the pluses of Bumble Boost is Beeline which allows you to see and swipe directly the profiles who already liked you. This feature is merely available in Tinder Gold, which may be a costlier subscription in Tinder.
In terms of pricing, Bumble Boost features a more flexible pricing structure you can try it just for every week or catch on for a lifetime if you would like it. Tinder Plus can only be bought for one, three or six months. It is also difficult to match exact prices, as Tinder is functioning with different pricing for men and ladies and also gives you different prices that supported your age and country. Still, generally, the costs for one and three months tend to be within the same range for Bumble Boost and tinder Plus.

Is Bumble Boost worthwhile For Guys And Girls? Bumble Boost Review

The short answer is yes, it is worth trying out. However, you can try it out every week for nine bucks, and test yourself how beneficial are the extra features provided by Bumble Boost, If you are uncertain. However, just do not forget to cancel your subscription, If you do not love it after every week.
Still, you will love the Beeline feature, If you are a lady and do not adore swiping. It is a good feeling to travel through these profiles who already found you alluring and decide whether they are good matches for you
Still, Extend will come as a good help in increasing the number of discussions which is a preliminary step for a meetup, If you are a man. Extend shows the girl that you simply have an interest and can increase the probabilities that she will drop at least a “ Hey” for you.
Regardless of your gender, if you are a desperate user and want to maximize your matches, Unlimited Swipes will assist you in swiping as multiple as you most likely can.


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