Is Using Dating Apps While in A Relationship considered Cheating?

Is Using Dating Apps While in A Relationship considered Cheating? 

Is Using Dating Apps While in A Relationship considered Cheating?

If your boyfriend has dating apps on his phone, you should be concerned. Because if you would not download those apps yourself-or have long since deleted them-why would he keep them? He says he is using those apps to make friends, but let us be honest: hardly anyone downloads a dating app to make friends. 

What Is Considered Cheating? 

If your boyfriend hides something from you and doesn't mention it to you, it is cheating. 
Chatting with other women is therefore cheating. As a result, he is channelling his time, energy, and perhaps even finances to someone else outside of the relationship, an act known as emotional cheating. 

How Do I Talk to Him About It? 

You should not confront him over text, over the phone, or in public. Confront him face-to-face or via a video call if that is not possible. 
Depending on whether you want to continue the relationship, it might be best to do it in a private setting with a mutual friend who can act as a mediator. Gather as much evidence as possible before confronting your boyfriend. 

He Thinks It’s NBD. How Can I Make Him Understand? 

Follow this three-step process: 
· Describe how you feel about what he did and why it's important to you (you may not want to call it cheating). 
· Describe the specific action he took that made you feel this way. 
· Explain the possible consequences. 

So, you can say things like: 
"When you spoke to those three women on the app over the last two weeks without telling me, I felt like you were choosing to share something intimate with other women that you could not share with me. I felt betrayed because you are supposed to be my committed partner. If this keeps happening, my trust in you will be shaken, and I will start to doubt our love.” 
You should end the relationship if your boyfriend still does not see this as a big deal. Already he has betrayed your trust and is not sorry, and this will happen again. The two of you are simply not compatible, and you should find someone who can be loyal and honest to you. 

Should I Also Have a Dating App as Payback? 

That is immature and manipulative. It might turn into a power game about who can hurt who the most. 

When contempt, deceit, and manipulation are present, relationship problems cannot be resolved. You can only have a loyal and healthy relationship through honest communication, whether you are with your current partner or the next one. 


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