It is time to enlighten with top female Youtubers

It is time to enlighten with top female Youtubers

It is time to enlighten with top female

content generators on YouTube take advantage of the openings the platform offers thanks to their determination and creativity. Numerous of the top YouTube generators indeed make good plutocrat by doing what they love. Numerous YouTubers have millions of views and subscribers. They execute and deliver harmonious quality content that millions of people around the world binge- watch, enjoy, and share with their musketeers. They've come popular in their own name.


But the list isn't that long when we talk about the lady YouTubers with millions of subscribers. These hustler forces of nature created successful YouTube channels


So who are the leading womanish Youtubers? These intelligent, facetious, and imaginative women are the ultimate trendsetters in fashion and makeup, game reviews, yoga and fitness, educational material, cuisine, and much further.


1. Liza Koshy

2. Caeli Alien

3. Rclbeauty101

4. Yuya

5. Rosanna Pansino

6. Bethany Mota

7. 5incominutos

8. Wengie

9. SSSniperWolf

10. MyLifeAsEva

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1. Liza Koshy


Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, more known by her stage name of Liza Koshy, rose to fame from the videotape sharing platform Vine in 2013 before starting her well- known, amusing YouTube channel.


Koshy’s witching YouTube channel has erected a veritably pious following of nearly 18 million subscribers and further than2.5 billion concerted views total. There's no shadow of a mistrustfulness that this content Queen is one of the most recognizable faces on the internet.


Koshy’s vids are humorous, relatable, and pleasurable to binge- watch. And her sweats have paid off extensively. Koshy has won four Streamy Awards, four Teen Choice Awards, and a Kids’ Choice Award. She was indeed included in the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment list and the Time 2019 list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet and its 2019 100 Coming list.


2. Caeli Alien


Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López, more known online as Caeli, Caeli Alien or CaELiKe, is a Mexican vlogger. López posted her first videotape to YouTube in October 2010, not awaiting much from the platform, until her subscriber figures gradationally increased as she released more engaging content. Moment, her subscriber count is at 16 million subscribers.


It’s no wonder López’s vids have drawn millions of observers worldwide. A lot of her content is considered uproarious and ingrain, but she’s not hysterical to experiment. In 2015, Caeli changed her focus and began recording tutorials and makeup vids. In 2016, Caeli expanded her midairs and was introduced to the world of videotape games, recording while playing (although she has only made two gaming vids). Her most popular YouTube vids are her makeup tutorials.



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3. Rclbeauty101


In 2010, Rachel Levin began her career in Youtube, the face behind Rclbeauty101. She uploaded her first YouTube videotape,"How to Conceal under Eye Dark Circles."Herbeauty advice andD.I.Y. ideas were instant successes on the videotape- participating platform. Subsequently, she moved on to produce funny vids that ultimately came veritably popular with her subscribers.


Rachel presently has over 13 million subscribers on her YouTube channel with over 3 billion views. She frequently features colorful makeup brands in her vids as a beauty influencer. Moment, she's famed for her comedy derisions, fashion tips, and amusing videotape contact.


Impressively, Levin has collaborations among other brands including Google and Audible and has also been nominated for a Teen Preference Award and multiple Streamy Awards.


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4. Yuya


At the age of 16, this Spanish content creator joined YouTube after winning a Beauty contest. Her vids talk substantially about makeup, tips on makeup, clothes, and style. She's one of moment's leading womanish YouTubers, with over24.6 million subscribers to her channel.


Her character as a beauty influencer and her elevation opened the way for her to introduce her products. In 2015, she released a scent named# True and a makeup range in 2017. She formerly has two books published — Las confesiones de Yuya in 2016 and Los Secretos de Yuya in 2015.


5. Rosanna Pansino


Rosanna Pansino is a force on YouTube as a chef, pen, and actress.


She bakes pies, cupcakes, sweets, donuts, and other snacks that are beautifully handwrought with love. Vids may be seen on movie-themed sweets similar as Moana- inspired pies, the cupcakes told by The Punishers, or indeed flapjacks themed by emoji on YouTube.


Her videotape on"How to Make a Frozen Princess Cutlet"hasentered further than 198 million views and is the most popular cuisine videotape on YouTube. As of August 2020, her channel has a subscriber base of over12.4 million subscribers and over 3 billion views.



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