Planning a Budget- Friendly Wedding? Metaverse Can Be Your Saver

Planning a Budget- Friendly Wedding?  Metaverse Can Be Your Saver

Planning a Budget- Friendly Wedding?  Metaverse Can Be Your


Metaverse deals with concepts such as 3D animation and blockchain, both of which Indians excel at.

Everyone understands that a wedding serves as a symbol of commitment and the foundation of your love for your partner. Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two people. Weddings are as important in India as children studying science after high school. If you think of an Indian wedding and think of the groom riding in on horseback or shahnaimusic, you are still living in the pre-pandemic era. The wedding industry experienced many cancellations, postponements, and general chaos during Covid-19. But when has a problem ever prevented people from living their lives to the fullest?


People attended the Zoom wedding in 2020, and by the end of 2021, everyone had witnessed the first-ever metaverse wedding. In a trend started by Facebook's parent company Meta, a couple from the United States married in the metaverse.


For those who are unfamiliar, the Metaverse is a virtual environment in which you can interact with people in digital spaces. Consider this an embodied internet that you are inside of rather than just looking at. The plans outlined by tech leaders envision a Metaverse in which users will be able to participate in a digital economy, purchase virtual clothes, foods, and experiences, and interact with each other's digital avatars.


Following the United States, India became the second country to host a metaverse wedding. On February 6, 2022, a couple from Tamil Nadu, Dinesh S P and JanaganandhiniRamaswamy, hosted an entirely virtual wedding in the Metaverse.


Meta verse deals with concepts such as 3D animation and blockchain, both of which Indians excel at. This couple's wedding is more like a 3D game that the family, friends, and relatives will enjoy, and many people may plan their weddings in this manner in the future.


Dinesh, whose work involves blockchain and cryptocurrency, reasoned that since blockchain is the foundation upon which the Metaverse is built, why not incorporate it into their wedding? Fortunately, his fiancée agreed. The couple's digital avatar will interact with guests virtually, and guests will be able to gift the bride and groom using GPay and cryptocurrency.


Why Metaverse Wedding?

The big question now is why you'll get married in a metaverse wedding and how it differs from other interactive platforms. The metaverse wedding will allow friends and relatives to bless the bride and groom without feeling bad about missing the event in real life. You can invest as many people as you want with no restrictions. One of the many benefits of hosting a metaverse wedding is that it will be a low-cost wedding, especially for Indians who spend a lot of money on décor, food, and so on.


Challenges related to Metaverse Wedding

The term "metaverse" is relatively new, and many people are unfamiliar with it. When planning a metaverse wedding, it is quite possible that people will encounter difficulties in selecting the right company to assist them in creating their dream wedding. By organising this metaverse wedding, the couple realises their dream.


TardiVerse, India's first metaverse company, was founded by a web development company. They built a metaverse for India based on the Polygon blockchain, beginning with a Tamil Nadu couple's wedding and assisting them throughout the entire process – from planning to inviting relatives and friends, and much more.


How to attend Metaverse Wedding?

Now that you know how to host a metaverse wedding, let's talk about how people can attend one. A stable internet connection, a laptop or smartphone, and a web browser are required to participate in this virtual wedding. You will be given a login called MetaMask, which you will open by entering the person's name and password, and this is how you will become a part of this one-of-a-kind wedding experience.


Is Metaverse Wedding Pocket-Friendly?

The couple from the United States spent $30,000 on their metaverse wedding. With less customization, the price could be reduced to US$10,000. Metaverse weddings can save you a lot of money in India. Companies offer a variety of packages ranging in price from 20,000 to lakhs, depending on what you want and what features you want to include.


Overall, a metaverse wedding is still a lifesaver because Indian weddings leave you with a large hole in your pocket and some irate relatives.


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