Want to know the top-notch secret of the power play relationship? Read it for the five minutes

Want to know the top-notch secret of the power play relationship? Read it for the five minutes
Want to know the top-notch secret of the power play relationship? Read it for the five minutes_ichhori.com

Every relationship has the dynamics of power. In a healthy relationship, the two partners have equal or nearly equalpower. This means that both partners have similar abilities to influence relationships, the effects of which are generally positive and reciprocal. However, electricity can come from a variety of sources. For example, one partner may have better economic power and the other partner may havemore social power. These various sources of power are respected and valued by both partners, creating a healthy balance of relationships. On the other hand, some relationships may show power imbalances. One example is the relationship between a woman in her early twenties and a middle-aged man. Assuming he has advanced his career and has more money and social ties, he has more power than her and therefore more influence on the relationship ( Orhave control). He is usually the person who decides where to live, what to do, who to do what. As a result, the relationship will probably help him more than she does. She will find it difficult to challenge the status quo to meet changing needs. When he abuses his power and looks down on her, it becomes difficult for her to get things right or leave her.Power game in a romantic relationship Many studies have found that socioeconomic status is related to the quality of relationships. If couples come from similar socio-economicbackgrounds, they report higher relationship satisfaction. This is not surprising, as similar socio-economic status leads to similar power dynamics. Power dynamics are not always obvious when using the early stages of dating, especially when using dating apps. When two people engage in romantic and sexual activities, they establish a unique dynamic that guides their interaction with each other. This often happens naturally, but in some cases partners may use power games to gain greater control over their relationships. Examples of power games include jamming,ghosting, blame, shame, deliberate delays in response, reading text, disguising indifference, and withdrawing unreasonable attention and affection. These tactics place your partner in a tracking or waiting role. Partners rely on other partners to make decisions about their relationships with them when their needs are not met. In my opinion, the use of power games in romantic relationships is a sign of anxiety and, worse, a character defect. It comes from the fear of refusal and the need for self-preservation. Those who are actively using power games are actually looking for a trueloving connection just because it is impossible to establish true intimacy when control is everything. Is not ... my personal experience A few years ago, I was unfortunately unable to date a power game master. He knew exactly what to say and what to do to gain his control over our relationship-I don’t know what’s next between us, and wait Asked and pushed me. It was painful and exhausted. I even thought it was my fault. Needless to say, I didn’t feel safewith him. From the beginning, I was worried that if I opened it, he would use my vulnerability against me. If I show too much interest, he will withdraw. He ridiculed me when I expressed my need. Even at , I was clinging, so I tried to protect myself with power games and keep his interest. It didn’t work. The power game has even brought distrust and even hostility among us. I wasn’t as good as he was, so I was badly hurt while he was moving forward. If you need to protect yourself with power games, you knew you were in the wrong relationship. Besides, you are not ready for a date.snacks My relationship with this guy was confusing. I was messed up too. What I didn’t realize is that constant power struggles are a big sign of incompatibilities, healthy to dating without games or tricks to claim power over a partner, or intolerable pushes. There was an approach-and-pull dynamics. It’s very easy-it’s real, treat your partner the way you want to be treated, communicate your needs, setyour boundaries, and act from places of power and love. Genuine, interested partners will reward your expressions of interest, meet your needs and respect your boundaries as you approach you. If your partner reacts negatively to you or withdraws, don’t be suspicious. Take it as a clue to reduce your investment and direct your attention to something else. Power struggle is a sign of incompatibility. Remember that in a good relationship you don’t feel helpless or suspicious. If someone makes you feel that way, shame is on them-they aren’t for you. So to take this approach, you need to be in an emotionally healthy place. When you feel the urge to use power play on a date, it’s time to look inside and tackle the underlying problem.
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