What is cervical mucus and why is it important?

What is cervical mucus and why is it important? 

What is cervical mucus and why is it important?_ichhori.com

Women a particular discussion about cervical mucus: It will evaluate your decision.

Greetings of the day, wonderful colleens. At First, I feel so enthusiastic about knowing, an active participant in the comments section. Our team feels so delighted whenever you connect to us and stake your thoughts and emotions with the ‘Icchori Team.’ Accept it or not, without your value or support in that precious information, we are nowhere. Yesterday, we got an important piece of information regarding the mucous we perceive throughout the menstrual cycle. With the information we all gathered after analysis and an experimental process, we would be more than delighted to have a discussion forum with you.
Let us begin the discussion. It is essential to understand what is, Cervical Mucus is?
The cervical mucous is a fluid bolstered by the cervix (The opening to the uterus). Hormones cause your cervical mucus to change in texture, magnitude, and complexion throughout the menstrual cycle. At this moment, the mucus is thick, Caucasian, and dry, preliminary to ovulation. Experts suggested that just beforehand, the mucous will gyrate clear and slippery. The consistency makes it tranquil for the sperm to swim to meet an egg at ovulation. If any women want to conceive, then this type of discharge gives the permission that this is the best time to conceive. Some women chart their cervical mucus to tell the exact date of their sequence. Doctors suggested that the Cervical Mucus act as a tool to understand when a woman is more likely to proliferate and when she will conceive. Alongside, it shows when you are less likely to be fecund and not conceived. It has been coined as -Cervical mucus method of natural planning.

The resemblance of Cervical Mucus:

Your cervical mucus depends and changes throughout the month, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle.

1)Throughout the period:

The blood flows undercover the mucus, so you won’t notice any. Menstrual days are unsafe days. 

2) Right after your menstrual cycle: 

This is the period after the menstrual cycle. Women have three-four days to extravasate. These are called dry days. And they may be safe days if your cycle is long.

3) Premilinary ovulation:

Your body makes more mucus, as an egg is propitious. You usually have more mucus and it feels slippery. It is a kind of raw egg white. These are the more crucial along with the more futile days. When you are most likely to get pregnant, leading up to modulate.

4) Subsequent evolution:

Experts suggested that a woman would have a slighter mucus and it will get cloudy and adhesive again until it goes away and more ‘dry days.’ This usually lasts for about 11-14 days. These cloudy days and sticky days are all safe and dry.

Invulnerable Days:

Now, research has proved the fact that you have one phase of safe days. Safe days are the evolution when the most slippery mucus goes away and discharge is cloudy and sticky and then goes away, leading up to the period. This lasts for about 11-14 days on average.

Vulnerable days:

Vulnerable days are the point where any woman has to be careful and scrutinize the information properly. The days during the period are unsafe, exceptionally if you have a short cycle. This is because you cannot know what endometrial looks like when it is mixed with pure blood.
Again, another unsafe moment would be those that come after a period ends but two or three days before the first signs of lubricious leading unto the ovulation. These slippery days last for about 3-4 epochs. Unsafe Days end about 4 days after the slippery mucus peaks.

What is the supreme moment to check mucus?

It does not give when they are your checking the cervical mucus, it just matters that you check each day. Unlike the Temperature Method (temperature Method). You do not need to check the cervical mucus first, but it is consistent that you check them every day.


A general consideration that has to be taken down to understand that these are the precious information or the bullet points that will help you make sure that you take basic precautions. There are several measures that aware any woman about the general discussion regarding menstrual health.

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