Benefits and Drawbacks of having Sex During Pregnancy

 Benefits and Drawbacks of having Sex During Pregnancy

Benefits and Drawbacks of having Sex During

Are you an expectant woman who is looking to welcome your bundle of joy soon? Before the birth of the baby, do you want to spend intimate time with your partner? And, do you want to have sex while you are in your third trimester? If you want to have the sex you can but many couples think that having sex  during pregnancy can harm their baby in the womb. They believe it may lead to some complications. Many people have certain inhibitions when it comes to having sex during pregnancy. It is safe to have sex during pregnancy as long as it is not recommended by a doctor.

But you still need to adhere to some precautions as your sexual life will not be the same as it was pre-pregnancy. So, it is good to have all the information regarding the pros and cons of having sex when pregnant.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Before having sex when you are pregnant, it is advisable to talk to your doctor as there may be certain health conditions that keep a woman from enjoying sex during pregnancy. Generally, the doctor will recommend abstinence during the first trimester and then also again during the last four weeks of pregnancy. This is because they are the crucial moments in pregnancy for women.

There are certain complications in pregnancy when you are not advised to have sex for instance if a woman has a history of having abortions or premature delivery, she is advised against having sex by the doctor during all those nine months. However, if you do have a healthy and complication-free pregnancy, there is no reason for you to be not to have sex.

There can be both advantages and disadvantages to having sex during pregnancy. Let us look at the advantages first.

1.    You get a better orgasm when you are pregnant

Getting maximum satisfaction from sex is the main goal for both partners. And, when you are pregnant you experience better orgasms while having sex. This is the best thing about having sex when pregnant. Orgasm sensation is better during pregnancy. It happens because during this time blood flow increases in the pelvic region. Due to this blood flow, the sensitivity increases down there. With this high sensitivity, you experience super intense orgasms every time you have sex. It is one of the perks that you get when you have sex during pregnancy.

2.    Your baby can feel you having sex

Though many say that bay cannot feel anything while having sex. Some of the information is true but some not so much. Your baby in the stomach can feel when you are having sex. They can only feel the vibrations and muscle contractions during sexual activity. They do not feel any other thing that people worry about like your partner poking the baby during intercourse. The baby can only feel the vibrations and reactions due to your cervix and an amniotic sac of fluid that is between you and your baby. Sex cannot harm the baby in the way people fear. So, don’t be scared of having sex and enjoying the experience.

3.    Easy labor and easy postpartum recovery

When you have an intense orgasm during pregnancy it tends to increase the contractions in your pelvic. This helps in strengthening the muscles you will need during giving birth and for postpartum recovery.

4.    It can improve self-esteem

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes. It may make you feel that you are not in control of your body. Having sex can help you feel like you have certain control over your body. Sex can help in restoring your body confidence and be positive about your baby and feelings about yourself.


What are the cons of having sex during pregnancy?

·        If a woman experiences any vaginal bleeding while being pregnant she should abstain from having sex. This could lead to premature labor.

·        If you are having twins you should refrain from having sex during the third trimester of your pregnancy. It will not be comfortable for the woman and can lead to some harmful complications.

·        When you do not know the sexual history of your partner and you do not know if he may have an STD, then do not have sex during pregnancy. You can get infected and thus your baby will be at risk of contracting the STD.

·        When there is a rupture in your membrane it is advisable to not have sex. The sterile barriers like amniotic fluid that protect the baby from infections and disease are no longer there. So, if you have sex, you or the baby can contract infections.

·        If you don’t want to or it makes you feel uncomfortable then it is better to not have sex. In this case, listen to your gut feeling and refrain from having sex as it might lead to some medical complications.

Even though in most of the cases having sex during pregnancy is safe, you should still avoid putting any weight on the abdomen. It is good to stick to the traditional positions and if you want any help, you can use lubricants also.

Answers to some of the general questions asked.

1)    Does sex lead to any complications during pregnancy?

Generally, sex during pregnancy doesn't harm the baby or lead to any complications. However, it is advisable to not have sex during the first trimester because at this stage the placenta implants itself and the organs of a foetus development are in their emerging stages. So, any kind of excessive jerking or jostling could pose a risk. This excessive jerking can also lead to miscarriage. You also need to be cautious about having sex during the last four weeks of pregnancy. As having sex is known to be triggering labour and this could lead to premature delivery.

Also, you and your baby can get an infection if you have unprotected sex just before labour when your water bag breaks. This increases the risk of passing on an infection to your baby that could be harmful.

2)    Can sex cause any harm to the baby?

Many women have concerns about having sex during pregnancy as they fear it may be harmful to the baby. But you should know if you have sex during pregnancy, it wouldn't harm your baby in any way. Your baby is safe in the uterus with the mucous plug and amniotic fluid acting as a protective wall. However, try to have laid-back sex and avoid having rigorous sex as it could lead to pain and can be discomfortable for the mother.

3)    What precautions to take while having sex during pregnancy?

Avoid putting any weight on the abdomen and avoid excessive acrobats. You should stick to traditional positions like missionary or laying side-by-side. You can use a lubricant as the woman may be experiencing dryness and itching in her vagina due to hormonal changes. You should also use a condom every time you have sex as there is a risk of contracting any sexually transmitted infection.

4)    What are the safe sex positions during pregnancy?

Your sexual experience is different during pregnancy from your pre-pregnancy time. Every position you tried before may not be comfortable when you are pregnant. Some safe sex positions you can try while being pregnant are a woman being on top, doggy-style and a man being on top but make sure not to put much weight on the woman s abdomen. If there is any discomfort during any of the positions try avoiding them.

Try cuddling and foreplay as they can be just as satisfying as sex. It can also help you be emotionally connected with your partner and welcome the newborn with love into this world.

5)    Is not having sex at all a good idea during pregnancy?

If you do not want to have sex then it is completely ok to not have sex during pregnancy. But if you want there is no reason why a couple cannot satisfy their desires. There are times women experience a peak in their libido because of hormonal changes. This happens around the second trimester. In some cases, when a woman is way past her due date, sex is advised to trigger the labour. Sex tends to soften the cervix as sperm has the ability to do so. In addition to this nipple stimulation can cause uterine contractions. Some may find it odd that sex can induce labour. But it is true and it is advisable to contact doctors before doing so.



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