TOP YouTube influencers in India

A short glance to the YouTube influencers

A short glance to the YouTube

Influencer marketing has grown in popularity in recent years and shows no signs of abating in India. Instagram influencers are what Yin is to Yang in the world of influencer marketing. As a result, any discussion of it is incomplete unless Instagram influencers are mentioned. According to Convince and Convert, influencer marketing has 11x the ROI of typical display ads as a channel. So why not take some time to learn more about it?
He's a witty individual. The comedic actor. The one with Biswas Kalyan Rath in Pretentious Movie Reviews on YouTube. The person who never fails to make you laugh and isn't scared to do it at his own expense!
Kanan began his career as a software engineer, but after winning a few competitions, he decided to leave his day job to follow his passion: stand-up comedy. He rose to prominence with his show "Pretentious Movie Reviews," in which he and Biswas evaluated prominent Bollywood films in a lighthearted manner. He's now a megastar and influencer with a massive fan base.
He co-starred in the Bollywood film Noor with Sonakshi Sinha. His most recent Netflix series, "Yours Sincerely, KananGill," is about a letter sent by his younger self outlining his life aspirations.
2)Kusha is one of our country's top social influencers, which is predictable. Apart from publishing hilarious videos on her social media accounts, she also speaks out on social concerns. In a recent post, she spoke out against body shaming and invited her followers to share what they believe is their finest trait. When a user mentioned that her daughter was feeling down because she had been fat-shamed by her own peers, this kind-hearted digital designer requested if she could talk with the little girl. This is only one example of Kusha's sincere and loving attitude.
Kusha's caricatures of South Delhi females and her imaginary "Billi Maasi" identity drew the attention of her fans at the outset of her digital content creation adventure. Both young ladies
One of the most recognized recognizable faces on the Internet internet in India, Srishti attained rose to fame with her videos on Buzzfeed India where she worked as a content writer. The videos Videos like If Real Life Was Like Big Boss and If Koffee With Karan Happened In IRL went viral, making this accidental random actor an overnight sensation.
Srishti quit Buzzfeed India after a few years and currently works as a freelance content creator. Her latest show “Behensplaining” on Netflix India’s YouTube channel is a hilarious take wherein Kusha Kapila and Srishti explain what the “behind” around the world are thinking! Do check them out for some amazing comedy sketches
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