First Sex after Delivery: 5 Things You Should Be Ready For

First Sex after Delivery: 5 Things You Should Be Ready For

First Sex after Delivery: 5 Things You Should Be Ready

After having a child, sex may be the last thing on your mind. Knowing these five facts will help you get back into the bedroom sooner after giving birth.


Resuming sex postpartum: points to be aware of

1. Sex won’t feel the same. It’s normal. 

The first sex after delivery can be difficult for some and much easier for others, both psychologically and physically.


Depending on how things go for you, and despite the possibility that sex will never feel the same again, you simply need to understand that sex is a major and important aspect of your relationship, and you must mentally prepare for it.


It is also normal for sex to not feel the same after your first delivery. After all, your body has recently undergone significant changes. Talk to your partner about all of your concerns.


2. Your body knows best when it’s ready. Be patient.

Having sex after a normal delivery may be a bothering thought for you as a woman, and you will undoubtedly wonder when to have sex after delivery. You must be patient because your body will tell you when it is ready.


Due to its resilient nature, the vagina begins to heal after giving birth, even if it has suffered cuts and lacerations during delivery. Within the first few weeks after delivery, there is a high risk of complications. Your doctor may advise you to give your body 4-6 weeks to heal.


3. The first post-birth intercourse won't be definitely painful but chances are high.

Painful sex after childbirth is a real thing. Changes in hormonal levels caused by breastfeeding may cause your vagina to dry up after delivery, leaving it tender and easy to hurt during sex.


Your doctor may advise you to use lubricants or to seek a different method of sexual intercourse that does not involve the vagina for your convenience and comfort.


In the postpartum period, oral sex and massage can become your best friends. Oral sex after delivery is completely safe and the best option if your partner is not satisfied by massage and does not wish to engage in masturbation.


4. Psychological readiness is just as important as physical.

This is another issue for which you should be prepared. There is a good chance that you will not be mentally prepared for sex after having a baby because you will have a lot on your mind. Breastfeeding the new baby, as well as caring for your baby's clothing and other belongings.


Because of your 'just delivered' status, you may also believe that the sex will hurt. Talk to your partner about allowing other forms of intimacy until you are ready to handle sex psychologically.


Also, keep an eye out for postpartum depression. Visit your doctor, who will advise you on what to do if you begin to notice signs of anxiety or depression, such as loss of appetite, severe mood swings, exhaustion, and so on.


5. Birth control for sex after delivery is the thing to care about.

Although breastfeeding may provide some protection against pregnancy, it varies from person to person. Using contraception immediately after childbirth is not entirely harmful. Implants, a copper intrauterine device, or certain progestin-only contraceptives may be recommended by your doctor.


According to research, combined birth control pills can increase the risk of blood clots shortly after delivery. Before using birth control pills or devices, it is critical that you consult with your doctor.


5 tips to try for great postpartum sex

• Allow yourself plenty of time. Don't be in a hurry: Many people make the mistake of rushing into sex as soon as they are finished with delivery, but most doctors advise that you take your time because it allows your healing vagina to escape more tears and makes for better sex.
• Take a bubble bath with your significant other. This will allow you to reconnect with your partner and get to know them even better this time. It's difficult to find time to relax between tending to the needs of the baby and tending to your own. When your baby is sleeping, however, it's a great time to sneak off to the bathroom with your partner for a relaxing bubble bath. You'll discover that doing so puts you in the mood for a sexual encounter.
• During partner time, be spontaneous. Sex is great when there is spontaneity involved, and it isn't just for your bedroom, night time, or bathroom. Proceed with caution. Brew it in the living room while watching a great movie, or even in the kitchen.
• Make a birth control plan. As previously stated, when it comes to birth control pills and contraceptives, it is a good idea to seek the advice of your doctor. He or she is the best person to tell you what pills and birth control methods your body can tolerate. Remember that having the fact that you are on a birth control pill in the back of your mind relaxes your nerves and allows you to have great sex with your partner.
• Invest in some lubricant. It will be especially helpful after delivery because the vagina tends to be dry during this time, and having sex in this condition may cause two or more tears to fall. Making lubricants a part of your sex life after childbirth may save you a few tears.


Common questions on first sex postpartum

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about first sex after delivery


1. What was sex like for moms after they had their babies?

Sex for moms after delivery may have been different from sex before they had their babies, and it may have also been different for different moms. Many of them suffered from postpartum libido loss and, as a result, had low sex drive.


2. How soon after giving birth can you have sex?

Many women wonder, 'When can I have sex after birth?' but the answer varies depending on the individual. This question is best answered by your doctor or care provider because he or she is familiar with the state of your body and how quickly it heals after delivery.


However, most doctors recommend that you rest and allow your body to heal for 4-6 weeks. This actually means that you should wait for your vagina to heal before engaging in sex again.


3. Is it safe to have sex two weeks after giving birth?

Some doctors say you can have sex 4-6 weeks later, but it's best to wait for your body to prepare for sex in case it gets you pregnant again.


4. Is it true that the vagina becomes loose after childbirth?

It does, indeed. You just pushed a baby through it anyway, but because it is elastic, it usually returns to normal on its own, and for some, through pelvic floor exercises.



We hope we were able to assist you and address all of your concerns. Keep in mind that unless you're breastfeeding, your periods will begin in a couple of weeks after giving birth.


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