Valentine’s Day stress can lead to depression

Valentine’s Day stress can lead to depression.

Valentine’s Day stress can lead to


Valentine's Day stress is causing depression in some single people, according to a Taichung psychiatrist.
The romantic holiday is usually preceded by an increase in people seeking mental health care, and this year is no exception, according to doctor Chen Yi-ju.

Reasons why valentine's day leads to depression.

Valentine's day is not honky dory to all people. Seeing couples in love and watching them celebrating the day may bring up some bd feelings. At that time of day love is truly in all corners, mocking your single status. So, why is that the day of love fails to invoke any warm feeling and makes some people feel so horrible.

  •   Reminder of you being alone

Being single may not affect you on any other day. In fact, you are quite content with your relationship status. But come Valentine’s Day you may feel that sting of loneliness. Everywhere you see couples are making love declarations. Especially with social media, where they announce all the plans for valentine’s day. The social pressure can be overwhelming on this day with constant reminders of your single status.

  •  Your significant other is far away

Even if you are in a relationship there may arise some circumstances that will keep you and your partner apart. Not every couple is together on special days. Either you may be in a long-distance relationship or your partner is away due to some work. And, long-distance relationships on valentine’s day can be quite cruel. Obviously, on the day of love, you are going to miss your partner more than usual.

  •  Putting stress on your current relationship

Valentine’s Day can put a strain on your relationship. You may feel the pressure of taking that next step in your relationship. Your significant other may feel the need to have “the talk.” It may bring up some sour questions, like, do you love me? Why do we argue so much? Where is the relationship going? When are we going to get married? It can get tiring answering all the questions.

  •  Reminder of your past relationships

Valentine's Day can be a painful reminder of your past romantic relationships. It is a day amalgamating your past, making you replay your mistakes over and over again. You may agonise over the time you wasted on those relationships. Or it can make you reminisce about your previous relationship. You may get an urge to contact your ex-partner and re-kindle the romance, but remember you broke up for a reason.

Who is more likely to have depression on valentine's day?

  • Lonely bachelors
  • Recently divorced people
  • Obsessives, and unhappily married people. 

  • People in Long-distance relationship or marriage.

These are among those most affected by "Valentine's Day stress," she says, adding that people who no longer have an idealised image of their lovers also experience it.
People usually complain about feeling lost, stressed, or depressed, and some report being unable to sleep, according to her.
According to her, the holiday may cause depression in people who believe their marriage is on the verge of failing, as well as those who have pre-existing mental health conditions.

How to improve mental health on valentine's day?

"Life is a series of choices," she says, "and the point is not to achieve success, but to learn to be at peace with one's choices." There are several  ways you can deal with depression on valentine's day. 

  • People should respect and honour their significant other's wishes, she says, adding that attempting to control or be possessive of a partner is harmful to a healthy relationship.
  • People who have recently ended a relationship should remind themselves that romantic love is only a part of life and value the relationships they have, according to Chen.
  • Positive thinking and mindfulness — being present in the moment without judgement — are essential skills for dealing with stress and disappointment.
  • People should not be afraid of negative feelings associated with romantic relationships, and they should be aware that medical professionals can assist them in overcoming depression by treating the underlying causes, she said.
People who are dreading the holiday can alleviate their stress by organising social activities with friends and family, she adds.

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