How to Buy Sex Toys Discreetly and Safely Online?


How to Buy Sex Toys Discreetly and Safely Online?

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In the post-Fifty Shades world, sex toys have shed most of their stigma, but those looking for a good vibrator or cock-ring may still have problems locating one at Walmart. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic websites that sell a wide range of adult toys, and they usually ship discreetly—not that there's anything wrong with buying sex toys! In any case, here's how to find them.

Before (and after) you buy, look for toxic materials.

While choosing toys that will be placed on or within delicate physiological regions, the first thing to know when shopping online is that certain types of material should be avoided. While there are many genuine internet businesses, there is little regulation regarding what chemicals can and cannot be used in adult toys, which means even reputable websites can sell "novelty products" that are harmful to your health.

RubyRyder of Reddit offers a much more detailed explanation here, but in summary, avoid PVC toys that contain phthalates. Phthalates can be pretty bad for your health, particularly if used over a long period of time. Non-toxic plastics are available in some circumstances, although silicone, metal, or glass toys are better solutions. These can be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it over the long run.

When it comes to identifying toys of questionable toxicity, RubyRyder suggests taking into account the smell (if you’re shopping online, you should definitely double-check your items when you get them). PVC toys have a distinct chemical odour that lingers. Translucent or see-through toys are also more likely to contain harmful polymers.

Find Safe Online Stores

Not every internet store is the same. You still need to select a reliable store once you've narrowed down what you want to buy and confirmed that it's composed of safe, non-toxic materials. Thankfully, the internet has been around long enough for a few frontrunners to emerge as trustworthy, safe, and discrete. Please note that the following websites contain extremely NSFW images:

·       Eve and Adam - Adam and Eve is one of the largest and most recognised internet merchants, with a good assortment of both sex toys and lingerie. The company also operates retail outlets in 19 states across the United States, one in Canada, and one in Lima, Peru.

·       Babeland - Another reputable site, Babeland offers instructions, recommendations, and instructional materials to help you get more familiar with the things you're purchasing, as well as basic sexual health information.

·       EdenFantasys - EdenFantasys is another reliable site that promises discreet and quick shipping up front. Many of the site's more popular products have video reviews (not the kind you're thinking of).

·       Extreme Restraints - This site has a lot of similarities to the other sites on this list, such as discreet shipping and a long track record of reliability. Extreme Restraints, on the other hand, excels in more unusual fetish goods. If none of the other sites on this list has what you're looking for, try this one.

·       Agent Provocateur - This high-end experience is offered by Agent Provocateur. The store isn't the cheapest (in fact, some of the most basic toys and lingerie sets are out of reach for most people), but there are a few goods that are well below the typical budget. It's a wonderful site to look at with a friend even if you don't buy anything.

The list also doesn't end there. Pure Romance, too-tmid, Liberator, and are all good places to browse for more possibilities. It's also worth noting that Amazon has a quite large assortment of adult toys and accessories. The one drawback (as we'll see below) is that because Amazon hosts both first- and third-party vendors, determining their discretionary delivery policies can be challenging. You may also miss out on any special discounts or coupons used by smaller firms to attract customers. Furthermore, sex toys will appear in your order history and suggestions, which you may prefer to avoid. It may, however, be worthwhile for Prime members or Amazon cardholders.

Identify Discreet Shipping Policies

Even the most easygoing and open-minded person is unlikely to welcome a box sporting the large lettering "Bob's Funtime Sexeteria and Dildo Emporium" at their door. Fortunately, most larger retailers are aware of this and provide discreet shipping.

This policy is handled differently by different stores. Pure Romance, for example, is as covert as possible from start to finish, posing as a beauty or health product store even online. Others, such as Extreme Restraints, may be more frank when you're purchasing, but they still ship products with vague labels. Check for a FAQ page or a shipping and discretion policy page while shopping on a website.

It wouldn't hurt to compare the stated policy to reviews or customer feedback after you've found it. Amazon, for example, is usually quite excellent about sending invisibly, but a buttplug or two can sometimes slip through the gaps. While these reviews can be useful in identifying stores that don't always follow their policies, they also emphasise a fundamental truth: no matter what you do, you're taking a risk. You can always set up a PO Box to ensure no one sees it, but otherwise, you might find yourself swapping slightly odd glances with your roommate.

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