Consideration of the Word “only Yes means Yes” Women’s Rights

Consideration of the Word “only Yes means Yes” Women’s Rights


Consent merely means giving permission for one thing to happen or to try and do something. Sexual consent has been explained in this article rather well. However, one has to detain mind that giving or not giving consent isn't continuously as straightforward as a result of the general barriers that privilege some individuals over others.   

What will this entail?

Well, to start with, your gender. Your gender disadvantages you (or blessings you if you're a cis heterosexual male) from your consent is valid and supported by numerous criteria. Sporting garments that reveal an excessive amount of your skin, drinking alcohol, smoking, having multiple sexual partners, and returning home post-stipulated ‘Bhartiya sanskara hours are tried and tested strategies in guaranteeing your consent won't touch the larger society. For instance: I even have been told by close relations that if I’m out to post 9 pm sporting a dress, they'd not return to assist me if I got raped. That was a lesson much loved for me.

Many women, like me, will afford to come back home at the ‘Bhartiya sanskar hour and lift their voices just in case of an emergency. Of course, as lesson much loved instructed me, I shouldn’t be drinking, smoking, or showing my skin so as for my consent or the shortage of it to be thought about. The loophole (among several others) during this is realizing that not everybody will afford to follow these ‘rules’ (and shouldn't be created to). for instance, returning home at ‘samskari hours’ isn't a luxury that operating women from lower-middle and class backgrounds have. In fact, the bourgeois sense of ‘home’ that the majority of folks have may be a luxury for them, and they need to realize shelter in makeshift settings, or typically on the streets. Thus, the question of consent for them over their own body may be a luxury that they most actually don’t relish.

And once category and caste close, being a Dalit/lower caste woman, make consent a fair a lot of an alien idea. The Asian country’s National Crime Records Bureau records that over four Dalit women are raped every day in India (and probably these are solely the reported cases). Consent is most frequently assumed in the case of Dalit women, therefore resulting in unthinkable cases of sexual violence against them.

Whom are we having a tendency to give consent?

Another barrier to consent is ‘who’ it's being given or denied to. If I withdraw my consent from a high-class, higher caste interaction, my consent appears to not matter. For example, after I was walking home with my (now ex) partner I consented to kiss him however I ended him from touching my breasts, and he was visibly angry and left. After I told my friends about this, I used to be told that it's solely natural and perhaps I should’ve continued. In distinction to the present, after I was traveling in Himachal, an interloper radio-controlled me to a temple that I wanted to go to. I told my friends and family concerning this and that I was told that I used to be stupid to possess consented to the present man since I may be simply taken advantage of, as a result of course that man belonged to the lower rungs of the society.

As a spouse in an Asian country, it's even worse. you're indebted to possess sex along with your husband whether or not you would like to or not because it is your duty as a better half. Consent is alien and assumed. Below the Protection of women from force Act, women will get a divorce or book their husband below sex offense, however, he won't be tried or seen as a criminal below the law. Thus, her rights as a better half are recognized however not as a rape survivor.

What we have a tendency to are primarily teaching women is that you simply have the correct to offer or deny consent, however below the society’s conditions. Consent doesn't apply to women who flout these rules-Dalit women, Adivasi women, sex employees, women with multiple sex partners, women who drink and smoke, and women who keep out on the far side the given time are all voices that don't matter.

I had the privilege of growing up in an exceeding house wherever I used to be instructed to mention ‘no’. My mother wished to confirm that the word ‘No’ would spiel off my tongue like water. She hoped that I’d learn to mention no to strangers to avoid being ‘taken advantage of’, she instructed me all concerning ‘safe touch’ and ‘unsafe touch’ at the age of eight and told me that I ought to be assertive. throughout these lessons I finished up learning a number of these items, however principally I learned that for my no to carry ground within the eyes of my mother, my cheriammas, cheriachans, velliamas, velliachans, ammumas, my academics, friends, friends’ folks, nearly everyone with an opinion concerning women and their bodies, I had to fall among the boundaries they set on behalf of me.

I eventually completed the intricacies of all that I used to be instructed. I used to be told that consent would be my selection. This, I noticed was solely an illusion of selection and agency, my consent would be valid on the condition that I followed the list of a ‘good girl’. This goes against the whole plan of what consent is meant to mean, and that we should get away from this.

This idea of consent doesn't develop overnight. It develops over time and gets required with alternative strands of society, as we have a tendency to age. After we try and grab the eye of a child on the road or build faces at it, once a child’s mother forces them to acknowledge us with a wave or a smile (even though the child is apparently uncomfortable), it contributes to however the child can return to grasp consent. After I was an adolescent, I used to be at a marriage. My ammuma’s sister came up to me and kissed me on each of my cheeks and touched my face plenty. I used to be over uncomfortable however I used to be told “it is okay, she is precious and it's solely her!” by my father. Later that year, my parents’ friend came home and I was apparently uncomfortable around him, however as I used to be told that elder individuals and folks, I do know cannot be aforesaid any to, therefore they were allowed to invade my personal house. Henceforth, we want to show a child that notwithstanding what, nobody ought to be allowed into their house if it looks like an intrusion to them, as well as folks.

Is consent gendered?

Consent has been created into a gendered idea within the paternal society, therefore there are a lot of barriers to exceeding women giving consent than a person. An apparently empowering idea like consent, thus, is then mingled with category, caste, and gender biases. If there are not any structural changes in the present system, consent and its misconstrued understanding that the society holds aren’t progressing to facilitate America. If a woman is at a foothold of claiming affirmative, her selection and power could typically even be coerced, then an affirmative means that affirmative holds no worth.

Consent becomes a lot of advanced as a result of its match into the standardized box of the law. Now, an affirmative means that affirmative and a no means that no is scrutinized by paternal laws, and a lot of typically than not, the voice of the women is sunken. An example of this can be the 2016 rape case wherever the Supreme Court dominated that a sex worker cannot ‘cry-rape‘if her customers fail to pay her. this can be a transparent violation of her consent because it was created on the grounds that she would be paid. The court during this faulty judgment additionally claimed her manner wasn't ‘like’ that of a rape survivor.

With the law and society having confused ideas of consent, we will solely resist this by breaking norms on regular basis and hearing women out after they start up and quote sexual abuse. we have a tendency to should make sure that younger children are instructed concerning general barriers and given sex education (with the word SEX in it) and are instructed concerning enthusiastic consent so they learn to respect one another. To be honest, I don’t have a readymade resolution for this, however, I feel that a lot of us have a tendency to keep questioning the structures, the nearer we’ll keep going to the likelihood of constructing the society a planetary wherever consent is known for what it's and isn’t a luxury just some individuals relish. 

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