How to Click the Best Nudes?


How to Click the Best Nudes?


You've undoubtedly had a camera phone for close to two decades by this point, and you've almost likely snapped steamy images of yourself to share or retain for your own self-esteem. Sure, you definitely have a lot of experience in this area, but there's always space for development, so keep reading if you want to know how to take your nudes to the next level.

Know why you’re snapping the pic

The reasons for taking a nude—or two, or 200—are as varied as they are for everything else. Perhaps you're speaking with a new potential partner, reminding an existing partner how fortunate they are, advertising yourself on a camming site, or simply wanting to enjoy your own body.

Our clients seek out boudoir photography for a variety of reasons, said Ayla Quellhorst, owner of a boudoir photography business in Tacoma, Washington, which works with around 200 women each year. To find oneself after a huge life event, to celebrate accomplishments, or, most significantly, to do something for themselves, says the author.

Clients come to Katelyn Guild's body-inclusive studio in Raleigh, NC, seeking spicy shots for a million different reasons, but often to normalize their bodies to themselves in the hope that they start to feel valid and worthy of the love that they deserve, she said.

It's also fine if you're capturing photos to send to someone else. If you're just looking to do some sexting, don't feel obligated to turn every self-photo shoot into a big, empowering celebration. Just remember that no one has the authority to force you to take or transmit a photo that you don't want to send.

Prep yourself to feel good naked

Wear lingerie or nothing at all if you want to feel more appealing. If you're not sure if a new look is right for you, don't go for it. Stick to your normal presentation and consider taking your photos as you're getting ready for an event. Shave or leave it alone. Go all out or go bare-faced. Don't forget that you are the host.

We provide huge information to our clients before a session. There is 15 emails worth of preparation information. However, stretch physically. "We do a lot of bending and toe pointing," Quellhorst explained, adding that a whole shoot is a workout in and of itself. In the boudoir, there are no straight lines.

Examine yourself in the mirror and do several positions. Have fun! Don't stress about getting everyone in the photo during rehearsal. A photograph that emphasizes only one aspect of your body can be less obtrusive and more natural. These are Quellhorst's go-to posing tips:

Consider curves: Keep your legs bent, your back arched, and your "boobs to the sky" (if you happen to have a pair).

Give your hands something to do, such as "placing one in your hair while the other grabs a boob" or "hug yourself to pull the girls closer together."

Frame your booty with your hands.

For a more appealing neckline, thrust your chin forward (like a turtle) in photos.

Consider "grace," as Guild put it: "The first thing I advise customers to do before picking up their camera is edited their social media profiles." Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about your body and replace them with beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes. This will assist them in realizing that their bodies are gorgeous, deserving, and valid of awesome imagery."

The more you embrace and adore your physique, the better you'll appear to yourself and everyone who happens to see your photos.

Make sure to set the scene

"The simpler the better for the environment," Guild advised, recommending plain white linens and decluttering, as well as being selective about which household objects are exposed if any. It doesn't have to be the same full-monty-in-the-mirror selfie every time. Read something. Take a sip. Are you wearing a lingerie costume? Choose props that fit the concept. In your space, be playful and inventive.

In terms of lighting, Quellhorst advises against taking shots at night and against using your home's harsh lights. Instead, she recommends working during the day to make use of natural light from your windows.

Use your phone's tripod if you have one, and position it high for the most attractive angle.

"Don't overthink it," she continued after all of that.

Get down to business

Remember that you're not only the star of the show, but you're also the producer and director in most circumstances. Be patient with yourself and be gentle to yourself. Slow down. Nobody needs to know that getting one beautiful shot took you 15 minutes.

"Remember that you may always remove an image while taking your own nudes at home," Quellhorst said. In a traditional shoot, I take 300-400 photographs of a client, but we only reveal 75-100 of them. Even a pro takes numerous shots to get it right, so don't give up if the first one isn't flawless. Examine it carefully to see what you dislike. Is your back not arching sufficiently, causing rolls in places you don't want them? Take it again, but this time with a better arch."

Here's a piece of advice from Guild: "Start recording on your phone and grab screenshots from it." This gives you the flexibility to wander about and be yourself without having to worry about keeping up with a timer. The simplest approach to do it is to use your phone's back camera and halt the video before taking a screenshot."

Bonus option: Press ‘send’ with confidence

Once you've gathered a collection of outstanding photographs, you can keep them or share them—as long as the other party is interested and agrees.

As a bisexual male in the dating scene, Jimmy, a 28-year-old from San Diego, has received all manner of nudes from all manner of people, so he has a few observations. He claims that women give a lot more consideration to what they publish and that they usually send images that they've taken time to organize, edit, and even filter. In his experience, men, on the other hand, shoot their images while messaging, "which can be worrisome" if they seem too anxious to proceed from pic-swapping to real-life meets.

He went on to say that women usually strive to show off their entire physique in one mirror snapshot, but men will simply zoom in on the prize. "I'm actually a little more old school and prefer no nudes, but if I had to choose, then a frontal mirror shot, no face essential," Jimmy acknowledged.

We don't have to tell you this, but no photo you send to someone is guaranteed to remain private. Crop your face and hide your tattoos if you're worried about them.

Emily, a 23-year-old Canadian woman, agreed that she doesn't need nudes while she's sexting with a male, though she does love Jimmy's real-time photographs since they allow her to see if her virtual partner is still turned on as they go, and not just fake it.


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