How to View Virtual Reality Pornography?


How to View Virtual Reality Pornography?


"How can I use this to have sex?" a friend of mine used to say when we were initially exposed to a new piece of technology. To that end, here's how to have sex...or watch virtual porn on an Oculus Quest 2, PSVR, Vive, or any VR headset.

How to use an Oculus Quest 2 to watch VR Porn?

With an Oculus Quest 2, having an "entry-level" VR porn experience is nearly hilariously easy (or another headset).

On an Oculus Quest 2, you can watch basic porn in virtual reality.

·       Secure the door.

·       Put your headphones on.

·       Select the browser.

·       Go to a site that offers VR porn. You may find VR content on free video mega-sites like YouPorn or simply search for it on Google.

·       Using PlayStation VR: It appears that Sony's PSVR requires some additional measures. I haven't tried one yet, but here's a PSVR pornography guide.

That's all you need to know to get a taste of VR porn. However, due to the large file sizes of VR film, streaming will most likely be jerky, and free videos will most likely not be in the good definition. You'll have to pay to view it in order to get a better experience.

Advanced VR porn viewing

·       Choose a virtual reality website. Because virtual reality pornography is new, more expensive to make, and has a smaller audience than "regular" adult videos, there aren't many websites dedicated to it. Most of them feature sample movies to watch, and some even offer cheap single-day access to see whether you like them. Make a decision based on this list of the most well-known producers.

·       Have you secured the door?

·       Open your browser, go to your newly selected website, and enter your credit card information. The cost of membership varies for every site, but expect to pay between $20 and $30 per month.

You can watch full-length videos in very high quality from here, although the streaming may be choppy. If so…

·       Download and store the video to your device—these videos can be over 10 gigabytes in size, so it may take some time.

·       Playback the video—Major VR headsets come with excellent video browsers, but if you want more advanced features, pay $10 for Skybox. That way, you may easily save the film to your computer and stream it from there.

You can explore the realm of virtual reality sex gadgets if you want to go very sophisticated (it's a pandemic, so no one should judge). These are vibration and oscillation gadgets that vibrate and oscillate in time with videos. I'm not sure how well these function, but if you find out, please let us know in the comments.

Is Virtual Reality Porn any good?

Now that you know how to watch porn in virtual reality, you must decide whether you want to. Virtual reality's "you are there" immersion gives a distinct experience from traditional porn, but it is not always superior. It comes down to personal preference, as it does with everything else. I looked out a tiny bit of it (purely for research purposes) and, without going into too much detail, here are the benefits and drawbacks:

Locked in perspective

The camera is locked to your perspective since the spectator is placed right in the middle of the action. It's gravy if you like that kind of stuff, but if you don't, well, you gave it a chance.

The performance

In VR porn videos, the camera/you feel very near to the actors, and the illusion is quite convincing, but selling that level of closeness demands acting talent. It's a very different style of acting than film or theatre, and, at the risk of sounding negative, many pornographic actors lack the necessary skills to pull it off, so it can just feel weird, rather than sexy-weird. Your experience may differ.

Limited content

Because shooting VR video is more expensive and complicated, and there is a smaller audience, it appears that practically all VR porn is oriented toward a mainstream pornographic audience. You'll be very satisfied if you share the tastes of the majority of porn viewers. If you're looking for anything more esoteric, you might have a hard time finding it, at least until more pervs join the virtual realm.


However, not all virtual reality porn is geared toward heterosexual guys. It is VRporn from the perspective of gay/bi men and women (straight, gay, and bi), which offers maybe the most distinctive VR porn experience: Putting oneself in someone else's shoes. Looking down at oneself and seeing a different body (one that doesn't miss ab day) is unusual enough, but seeing a gendered body is positively bizarre in the best possible manner. I can only assume that this will usher in a new era of empathy, as well as the abolition of sexism and homophobia.

For couples?

Although most porn is consumed alone, some couples are donning headsets (and possibly other gadgets) and blending the virtual into their shared real-life sex lives. I think having a real experience while wearing a headset is crazy, but I'm old school. However, if the lockdown continues for a few more months...

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