What is vaginal Yeast Infection? What are the things that women should know?


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Our human body is a home to many microorganisms. For these microorganisms the body is a host where they feed and grow. Few microorganisms do not harm the body and physiology with their presence like Escherichia coli; present in the small intestine. If the number of these friendly microorganisms increase, they cause disease in the human body. The number increases manifold of microorganisms due to favorable conditions, availability of nutrients, certain infections caused due to surgery or accident or cuts. Whenever such an infection arises, a doctor should be immediately consulted and appropriate medication should be taken so that the infection is under control in the initial stage.

A woman’ body undergoes a lot of changes since puberty. The regular cough, cold and other communicable diseases are always there to infect every human in any age group but certain diseases like PCOD, PCOS, HIV, Bacterial vaginosis, etc. affect women in reproductive age. One of the common kinds of disease observed in women is the vaginal yeast infection, which occurs due to the fungal infection in the vagina. This disease affects women between the age group of 15-45 years. The fungus Candida is normally present in the vulva region of women, the overgrowth of this fungi leads to fungal infection called Vaginal yeast infection.

Chances of yeast vaginal infection

There are certain circumstances when a woman is vulnerable to have yeast infection. Here are few reasons discussed –

·         Usage of intimate cleaning agents – certain women experience uneasiness in the intimate area due to use of sanitary pads, tampons or other intrauterine devices. They tend to use cleaning agents like liquid or cream. Any such liquid or even water used to clean the inside of vagina can disturb the natural microorganisms and cause infection leading to fungal infection.

·         Weak immune system – if a woman is facing disease like HIV, AIDS or diabetes, she is vulnerable to catch this infection due to poor immune system.

·         Pregnancy – due to the upsurge of hormones during pregnancy, a woman is vulnerable to get infected with bacterial vaginosis as the amount of bacteria is disturbed.

·         Surgery – any kind of cut or insertion of foreign elements like plates, rods, etc., can cause disturbance in the vulvar area and result in infection.

·         Certain medicines – doses of birth control have high amounts of estrogen in them which increase the chance of getting infected. Certain antibiotics like amoxicillin and steroids also risk the infection to increase.

Symptoms of vaginal yeast Infection–

This common disease affects three out of four women in their lifetime at least for one or two times. Here are few symptoms which can help detect that whether a woman is suffering with vaginal yeast infection or not –

·         Vaginal discharge – a normal woman does have vaginal discharge which is mostly a white fluid like and odorless. When a woman undergoes an infection like vaginal yeast infection, the vaginal fluid is mostly thick white and odorless.

·         Vaginal irritation – due to the infection of yeast in vagina, there is irritation and itching in the vaginal area. This can be cured by antibiotics and medication prescribed by the doctor.

Preventive Measures of vaginal Infection

Women suffering from infections like vaginal yeast should not take it lightly. They should take quick action against it so it does not harm further. When you visit a doctor regarding this, they usually take a sample of the vaginal discharge to confirm the infection.

It is advised not to deep wash the vagina or spray the area, this can cause difficulty in detecting. Women should book the appointment when they are not in their periods. A test can help diagnose the infection and give proper medication.

The cure includes taking regular antibiotics till the doctor has prescribed. Mostly the patient is all well in seven days of the medication, but if left uncured, they can consult the doctor again. Usually this disease is limited to women only, it does not spread to their male partners during intercourse, but if a woman has a female partner, she has chances of getting infection and so it is suggested that she also undergoes a check and treatment to avoid infection.

If a woman is pregnant and gets vaginal yeast infection, medication and vaginal cream is given accordingly, keeping in mind her condition. It is advised to get a treatment for vaginal yeast infection. A woman can also get yeast infection on breast by the same fungus Candida. Due to which there is itching, pain, and blisters on the breast.

One should avoid intercourse when detected with infection. It can worsen the situation if the medication is interrupted or the infection turns severe. The infection can worsen if intercourse occurs with more than one partner, so it is advisable to avoid such risks which puts the woman’ health in danger.

Every disease has a cure if it is treated at the right time with proper consultation and medicine. Awareness of such disease should be spread via social media, print media, camps, etc. which helps bridging the taboo and distance with mass. The website of ICHHORI is constantly updating and upgrading with time not only spreading awareness about women's health but also her rights and stand in a lucid manner.


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