Does Stretch Marks mean you are fat?

                          Does Stretch Marks mean you are fat?


 Stretch marks have become very common nowadays. It's often misinterpreted as being too fat but that's not the true case at all. Stretch marks are often the permanent type of the body scarring that's usually seen on the second layer of skin that we call the dermis. The tiny tears in the dermis cause these highly visible marks. To go into more depth, if the tissues present inside the skin lose their elasticity after getting stretched too far, then it results in Stretch marks. These marks can manifest themselves in multiple colors. It might range from red color, pink color, brown color, silver color, black color to purple shade marks. Once you treat it, it starts to fade out from white color to skin color. 

In this article today, we are going to discuss if the presence of stretch marks states that you are too fat.

Do stretch marks mean you are fat?

The answer to this question is NO! Imposing this norm on yourself & losing peace of mind that you're overweight due to Stretch marks is a foolish thing to do. Even the biggest of researchers has said that it doesn't certainly mean at all that you are a victim of an overweight patient. Many times, having the Stretch marks can make you fat but it's not the whole absolute reason behind it. Getting Stretch marks while your puberty starting is extremely normal & is nothing to be worried about. There is no age as such to get the stretch marks. You can see it happening to you at any point in time. Stretch marks generally appear as streaks or thin lines over your skin area. These marks will be typically seen on several parts of your body like the stomach, hips, butt, breasts, and thighs. Although many people reportedly got stretch marks in their upper arms area and of the body. 

Generally, according to a few studies, it has been revealed that if a person is gaining too much weight in a very short period, then getting the Stretch marks becomes common.

Even when you are too skinny, and you attain such body changes very rapidly in a short period, then as well you can get Stretch marks. Also, in many cases, it's been believed that getting the Stretch marks is gender-specific.

But, that's not true at all! Boys and men are equally prone to getting Stretch marks, especially in those cases when they go for weight exercise and lift heavyweights. At that time, sudden muscle growth also leads to such marks. 

When is the right time to visit the doctor? 

It's highly recommended to see the doctor and take advice from the health care skin specialist if the situation goes out of hand. Although, having small marks or scarring on your body is common and normal. In severe cases, you need to keep track of how it grows with time. Few cases require your immediate attention and you should go ahead and get yourself treated. These conditions are mentioned below - 

  • You notice that you have got excessive fat buildup over the back area of your neck side and shoulders. 

  • Your Stretch marks are getting larger and larger with each passing day. 

  • Your marks that were previously only at one place are now scattered to various other body places. 

  • Your arms seem to be getting very thin or slim all of sudden. 

  • The extra fat is getting accumulated more over your breast, chest, and tummy area. 

  • You notice that your face starts to get more round, red and puffy with time. And, in case you are unable to understand whether that redness on your face is just an allergy or marks. 


You need to be very careful of all such signs and symptoms. These can be the biggest cause of getting Cushing syndrome. It happens when you start to have a gathering of too much cortisol hormone over your body's surface. The situation of Cushing syndrome gets worse with time if you tend to leave it untreated. People who are advised to take steroids medications due to their health concerns for a prolonged period are more likely to get into the trap of this syndrome. It basically can be very dangerous and life-taking as the tumor grows in the pituitary gland inside the brain of the individual.

Although, these tumors are often noncancerous at the beginning stages & are often found among mid-aged women from 35 to 45. Using your saliva, blood, or urine, the doctor can suspect the total amount of cortisol present in your body. In the cases, when the cortisol level is too high in your body, then you're asked to get consulted further with the endocrinologist who has specifically specialized in treating the hormonal fluctuations conditions. 

Key Takeaways 

Stretch marks are a part of the natural process. There is nothing to worry about. In this article, we learned that having Stretch marks on your body does not necessarily indicate that you are excessively fat or overweight. There are various treatments for stretch marks to treat them on time. Although, in severe cases, it gets difficult to stave off the Stretch marks from roots. Doctors even advise you to maintain healthy body weight as this will make sure that your skin is in tone & away from unwanted marks. 

Take your diet properly, exercise daily & keep checking your height and weight. It should be balanced, to get the normal body mass index value. Else, you will be underweight or overweight. Also, try to eat more healthy food and consume less junk food like burgers, and pizzas that can disbalance your weight. Remember the doctor is your king! Take proper advice and undergo a fine consultation process to overcome excessive weight or excessive thinness. Get treated on time if it starts to cause skin irritation and other unusual symptoms. 

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