You gain confidence by dressing in lingerie.


You gain confidence by dressing in lingerie.


Lingerie was not always a part of the Indian wardrobe and was typically seen as a fashion trend. But with the changing climate of the fashion business, the subject has changed with India's cultural and technical advancements, and it has most recently become an important component of the wardrobe. Research states that the lingerie market is worth $25 billion. The category, according to the report, is anticipated to expand to Rs 60,277 crores in 2026 at a CAGR of 14% over the course of the fiscal year. With an increased demand for fashionable, sensual, and high-end underwear, India's women's lingerie growth story is currently at its most promising point.

The Indian lingerie market is no longer a closed one; rather, it has drawn many women who confidently demand the most beautiful and innovative pieces. This has allowed brands to experiment with a variety of styles. Siddharth Grover, Director of Groversons Paris Beauty, has provided a guide for styling your underwear in various ways that would boost your confidence.

Best lingerie styling techniques
Begin from the ground up.

Starting out with little lingerie and saving the rest for the later hours will help you become used to wearing lingerie during the daytime. Then, to complete your outfit, wear some lovely jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. If you have an established collection of plunge neckline bras, a chic pearl set will go well with your exposed breast. It looks best with earrings and a strapless bra. Don't forget to bring your other accessories. A pair of stockings held up by a garter belt immediately gives the outfit a sexier feel. Put on a pair of stiletto heels and a robe made of silk or mesh.

Ideal Lingerie set

Your self-esteem is increased when you're dressed to the nines. The key to wearing a bra lingerie set well is layering. Start with a modest or striking bra and progress from there. As an illustration, wear a lace shoulder wrap with a pink satin long line bra. Although the lace is loosely knit, it won't completely hide what's underneath. High-waisted white pants and a multi-chain necklace should be used with the outfit for a genuinely stunning appearance. Wear a fishnet top over your bra if you want to be a little bit more adventurous. Wear it with a track jacket over everything and a pair of loose-fitting black leggings. It combines several aesthetics and is informal but experimental.


One of the most well-liked fads is the PJ trend. Even when wearing lingerie, it can be challenging to pull off the art of wearing pajamas in public; you don't want to appear as though you've just rolled out of bed. Keep the remainder of your appearance as polished and tidy as you can when dressing in your pajamas for a daytime costume. The only appropriate footwear for a stunning lounge dress is probably high heels, and your hair and makeup must be faultless.

Camisoles and Slips

Like tank tops, camisoles are often worn underneath clothing. Wear a slip cami or dress as an opulent daytime favorite or an intimate nighttime favorite. Slips are a basic piece of clothing that is perfect for wearing throughout transitional seasons. As the weather changes, add or remove layers of second-skin clothing or outerwear. It's easy to tuck this piece into bottoms like pants or other garments for a completely different appearance. Wearing a camisole requires you to experiment with the fabrics of your apparel. If your camisole is satin or silk, keep the other textures more obviously rough.

Bra Top

It's perfect to change from no bra to a bra top as you go from summer to fall or even winter to spring. It doesn't matter if it's made of rib-knit, jersey, silk, lace, or another material; any bandeau, bustier, bra, or bralette will do. Consider wearing it on the outside of a t-shirt if you don't like the style alone. Wear it alone or over a cardigan, button-up shirt, or jacket during warmer weather. Like leggings, the bra top is certain to quickly become a part of everyone's wardrobe.

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