8 Brilliant K-Pop Sub-Units That Make Us Want More


8 Brilliant K-Pop Sub-Units That Make Us Want More

If you're unfamiliar with the term, a sub-unit is a smaller group of idols from an already-existing group who collaborate to create music and content, typically consisting of a pair, triad, or more. Sub-units are a crucial component of K-pop since they give the members the opportunity to stray from their typical image and explore new artistic directions. Here are only a few of the top components from various teams; they're all so fantastic that we want more!

1. Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

Irene and Seulgi, the two eldest members of Red Velvet, completely took over the internet when they collaborated to make their first mini album, and "Monster" is without a doubt their finest work. The choreography is absolutely captivating, and it's sleek and hip with a slightly eerie twist. A team for the ages, this pair!

2. SEVENTEEN’s BSS (BooSeokSoon)

This group, which bears the names Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi from SEVENTEEN, is comprised of amazing musicians as well as comic geniuses. BooSeokSoon has only had one song released to now, but perhaps more are on the way. Keep an eye out since SEVENTEEN produces a lot of sub-unit stuff!


The second sub-unit of WJSN, THE BLACK, has four members and focuses on a smoother, sexier sound. Their debut title tune is "Easy," but the beat attracted listeners straight away. Future releases from this sub-unit are eagerly anticipated by the public!


The first of two EXO sub-units, EXO-CBX, made its debut in 2016. EXO's Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin are all singers first and foremost, therefore their vocals are consistently strong in all of their albums. But the group members also rose to the occasion by tackling rap lines, and they killed it!

5. Oh!GG

Although Oh!GG hasn't released anything in a while, fans are still eager for new music. Five members of the illustrious female group Girls' Generation make up this group, which has done a masterful job of bringing the nostalgia of the 2000s into the modern day. Fans eagerly anticipate "Lil' Touch" and the band's next release.

6. Stray Kids’ 3RACHA

Three of the primary self-producing members of Stray Kids make up 3RACHA, which specialises in rap-heavy tracks that tap into the hip-hop side of the group. They have the sub-unit down pat because they have been collaborating on songs since before Stray Kids made their debut. This unit is perfect for you if you enjoy hip-hop-inspired sounds!


OMG, girl Fans are eager to hear more from the Oh My Girl sub-unit BANHANA because they have an unapologetically sugary, bubblegum sound that is becoming increasingly rare in K-pop. The humorous song "Banana Allergy Monkey" has a sound that is almost video game-like. There's no doubt that it's special.

8. JJ Project

JB and Jinyoung, members of GOT7's first sub-unit, make up the duo known as JJ Project. Before the group's debut, the two had collaborated before, thus it makes sense that the title track of their album "Verse #2," "Tomorrow, Today," has a very relaxing, nostalgic air. Fans eagerly anticipate hearing more from yet another legendary pair!

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