A guide for dating in Seattle


A guide for dating in Seattle


Seattlites are some of the finest individuals you'll ever meet. That's correct, we're talking about the Seattle Freeze and Seattle dating. The city's residents aren't particularly inspired to leave their homes, much alone meet new people, because the sun only shines for about a third of the year. Seattleites are quiet and passive, and when you throw in the presence of Microsoft and Amazon, you have a city full of people who aren't used to mingling. What should I do? Here's a dating guide for singles in Seattle.


Here are the dating digits to know if you live in a city where numbers are not just fascinating but also possibly romantic. Despite the fact that the atmosphere, culture, and industry are all arguably hostile to singles, Seattle has been voted the third greatest city for singles out of the nation's 150 largest cities. Not only is Seattle's population 58.42 percent single (compared to the national average of 49.42 percent), but it is also the country's sixth fastest-growing metropolitan metropolis, with the fifth-highest LGBT percentage in 2015. So, if you haven't yet found someone you're looking for, your possibilities are plentiful and expanding.


Seattleites are known for their technological prowess, so it's only natural that they employ it in their dating. The most popular dating apps in Seattle are Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, which are all well-known. What about the more unusual ones? Coffee Meets Bagel (#LandOfCoffee), MapleMatch (apparently Seattle loves Canadians), and The League (new this year). Otherwise, Meetup is a fantastic resource for singles. Age groups, neighborhoods, and interests are all used to categorize events.


Shorty's and Lava Lounge, both in Belltown, are well-known among the singles community. Aside from that, each area has its own distinct nightlife scene. There are clubs for those who want to dance their way into someone's heart, and on Capitol Hill, LGBTQ people will meet the most like-minded people. Pony and The Wildrose Bar, respectively, are gay and lesbian bars.

Words of Advice

While dating in Seattle, keep the following in mind.

Because so many people are interested in some form of technology, you can expect it to come up in discussion. To find love, you don't need to know how to code, but being a good listener and putting forth the effort, even when things get technical, won't hurt.

In Seattle, the mix of coffee and rain makes coffee shops almost as good as bars for picking up individuals.

The growth of hipsters and nerd-chic has also boosted the popularity of books. Browse the shelves of a bookstore and keep an eye out for your future boyfriend or babe!

Good luck in your search for Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan!

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