A mother battling breast cancer urges others to keep scheduled check-ups


A mother battling breast cancer urges others to keep scheduled check-ups

A mother from BASINGSTOKE who received a breast cancer diagnosis following a regular examination is pushing people to keep up with their scheduled visits for routine breast examinations.

Women must keep their mammography appointments, according to Sue Smart, because getting examined "may save your life."

Despite having no symptoms, the Winchfield mother-of-two was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of last year after it was discovered during regular mammography.

She underwent two operations to remove the cancer cells this year, along with a round of radiotherapy, but she is now on the road to recovery.

It was obviously just a great shock because you simply don't expect it, the 59-year-old said. But fortunately, it was found promptly as early cancer.

Sue, a member of the Odiham Slimming World, also exhorts women to take care of their own health, noting that doing so can be essential to healing.

Slimming World was the nicest thing ever, she continued, because I obviously wanted to lose weight, but at the time of my diagnosis, I shed a lot of weight and the comfort I felt was simply huge. I felt a lot healthier once I realised, I might need surgery.

Sue and 23 other members of the Slimming World group, led by Emma Jones, who leads the group, raised more than £3,000 by participating in the Race for Life.

Sue continued, I actually walked it and I just feel very humble because I was still receiving treatment when I did Race for Life.

It was such a wonderful day, and I only hope more women could be diagnosed earlier since, as long as it doesn't recur, I will be completely well.

The worst part of her cancer experience, according to her, was telling her children. However, she claimed that her lovely daughter-in-law Amy Oxley attended all of her appointments with her.

The mother is now pleading with women and other individuals who have scheduled appointments for mammograms to go, saying: "I know people who don't go to their routine check-ups, and going to mine saved my life so please just go because it might just save your life."

"I am so appreciative, and the care I received was excellent and just fantastic. They assured me that because it was so early, I would not have sensed anything amiss.

That, in my opinion, is all the more reason to get them; while they are unpleasant, they are nothing in comparison to undergoing procedures.

Sue is currently making progress, and her next check-up is due in October.

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