Advisory regarding usage of Epilem during pregnancy

Advisory regarding usage of Epilem during pregnancy

An example of a psychiatrist who failed to inform a patient that her medicine could result in birth abnormalities has been provided by the Health and Disability Commissioner.

The medication Epilim, which is used to treat seizures and bipolar disorder, caused a lady to become pregnant.

The medication is known to create issues during pregnancy and childbirth, but despite the fact that her prior kid had a postpartum haemorrhage, her psychiatrist failed to advise her of this.

The psychiatrist had violated the Code of Consumer Rights, according to Deputy Commissioner Rose Wall. She claimed that the episode demonstrated the value of giving informed permission.

Wall claimed that the investigation also demonstrated how little is known about Epilim and other anti-seizure drugs.

The patient was given false information about the medication's safety during pregnancy by an obstetrician.

Especially for those who intend to have children, the deputy commissioner suggested that health organisations disseminate clearer information regarding Epilim and comparable medications.

"This example offers a chance to guarantee that knowledge about Epilim and other teratogenic medicines is widely disseminated," Wall added.

"I am happy to see that there has been a coordinated effort from several organisations to ensure that there is clear information available about the hazards of Epilim and pregnancy," the author said.

Over the past ten years, fewer pregnant women have been prescribed Epilim, but the work isn't finished, she said.

Even while this decrease is heartening, she continued, "I think there is still work to be done and I will continue to pay close attention to people's concerns when they are raised."

The mother claimed that although her child is normally healthy, she believes drug exposure may have harmed his cognitive abilities.

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