Chhavi Mittal emphasizes the value of early breast cancer screening


Chhavi Mittal emphasizes the value of early breast cancer screening

Chhavi Mittal has been actively raising awareness of the condition through her social media accounts ever since she was given the news that she had breast cancer in April of this year. The actor continues to share details about her battle with cancer, from her diet and exercise routine to her recuperation.

In a recent Instagram video, she discussed the value of breast cancer early detection. "Breast cancer has surpassed lung cancer as the most frequent type of cancer in the world today. but good news, right? If caught early, it is completely treatable. Whose hands are in for early detection? Yours! So be aware of your own body and take the necessary action," she said.

She referred to early detection of breast cancer as "the sole solution," adding that she has witnessed survivors of stage 4 breast cancer who had had intensive treatment recover. More than anything else, it causes emotional distress for those who experience it.

Chhavi emphasized the significance of routine checks to avoid all of this. You only need to do your scheduled checkups on time. It's quite significant. I believe my bump was staring me in the face when I discovered it. It is so dumb that I ignored it.

She continued by explaining how to find breast cancer. The first stage is to conduct a self-examination, the actor said. Of course, mammograms are the next step. There are many things you can do. Be informed and don't close your eyes to the symptoms.

Chhavi pleaded with people not to overlook the clear warning signs, saying, "I know people who have actually seen inverted nipples and just ignored them believing it's going to be okay. In your armpits, you can feel the lumps and the discharge. These are warning indicators that are just waiting for you to notice them and take action. Nowadays, women must take the initiative.

After the age of 40, she claims that yearly checkups are very necessary. She continued by urging mothers to inform their daughters about the possibilities and to be more alert to common indicators.

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