Men who picture shirtless on dating apps are unattractive and slutty, according to a new study.


Men who picture shirtless on dating apps are unattractive and slutty, according to a new study.


Interested in hooking up on dating apps, fellas?

Put on a shirt.

Men who load their Tinder accounts with shirtless photos are seen as less competent and more promiscuous, according to University of Colorado researchers.

Fake profiles of a young, white adult guy named "Noah" were provided to the study's 567 participants. His images and descriptions were divided into three categories: relationship motivation, muscularity, and sexualized look.

Some versions of Noah, for example, were buff, while others were not. Some people expressed a desire for casual sex, while others expressed a desire for something more serious.

Of course, some were shirtless, while others were dressed in a white T-shirts.

The three factors — relationship motivation, muscularity, and sexualized look — all had an impact on people's perceptions of Noah, albeit the results differed across men and women.

Women rated the shirtless impersonator as having more dangerous sexual conduct, as well as less social appeal and ability.

Men agreed to some extent but did not believe the naked imposter lacked skill.

Noah was rated as higher in risky sexual conduct and lower in competence by all participants when he indicated he was looking for casual sex.

Everyone thought Noah's muscular version was the most appealing, but men thought it was most likely to engage in dangerous sexual behavior.

The current findings suggest that a man's sexualized self-presentation on a dating profile, even on a hook-up app, elicits lower opinions of his competence and higher perceptions of dangerous sexual activity, according to the researchers.

They recommended to single men that a sexualized self-presentation on a Tinder profile may not be the ideal self-presentational choice for males looking to make a positive impression on women.

Do you need to update your profile right now? On its website, Tinder offers some advice:

Upload images on Tinder that highlight the subject of everyone's attention: you! Remove the sunglasses because they disguise your face, and ditch your buddies because this isn't about them.

In-focus photos are the best, and others claim a grin goes a long way.

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