Men's unexplained silence on their role in pregnancy


Men's unexplained silence on their role in pregnancy

The males are missing.

Have you noticed their odd absence from talks of Roe v. Wade? It seems like nobody is aware that they account for half of the genetic material. Are they "fishing" now?

We're hearing...crickets, except a few gloomy references to some enigmatic rapist who a young woman may or may not be related to down in Back Acne, Arkansas.

(While we're talking about insects, researchers claim that male crickets scream "loud repeating choruses at night" to attract females for mating. Ugh. Even female insects make an effort to "be pleasant," but they ought simply just to exclaim, "Seriously? Metallica? Would learn a little Harry Connick Jr. hurt you?

Acting kindly. We frequently fall victim to it. because females suffer from the onerous need for acceptance that men do not. ...or we did. Finally, mercifully, that might be consigned to "back then." We are now furious and searching for the men.

He notices Bass Pro Shop up ahead, and they've vanished as quickly as they do when you want to go to Anthropologie. Byeeeeeeeee.

Have all the males who are childbearing age been caught up in the Rapture? No, that is not the case. They can be seen wandering around, conversing, and at night, singing loud, repetitious melodies.

The Supreme Court's ruling was erroneously justified and discriminatory against expectant mothers rather than their spouses. Before I would trust those toadies in grad gowns, I would trust a Bojangle's Chicken Supreme to make a decision.

The men, where are you? Do women suddenly begin to procreate on their own, like a swarm of green flies?

The only references to the man's responsibilities during conception are in memes that call for invoicing his insurance for half of all medical costs and for child support starting at the first heartbeat.

I'm not referring to the men who are protesting and standing behind women because they suddenly lost the ability to control their own bodies. I'm referring to those who father children before splitting. It's hardly a brand-new issue, I grant you, but the repeal of Roe v. Wade has changed the conversation completely.

I'm pregnant, she said.

"May the Lord open," he said.

"Wait," she said. What?”

"Blessed be the fruit," he said.

She said, "The state has control of my body. You weren't even given the Covid shot.

My body, my choice, he said. Duh.”

People jokingly say that if guys could become pregnant, they could simply go to an ATM and have an abortion. (Which only serves to reinforce my conclusion that their bank must not be quite as bad as mine. not available. Again.)

The WOMAN, her doctor, and anybody who so much as provides the WOMAN with the name of a provider may all be arrested depending on the severity of cruelty in your own state.

She currently has the same privileges as her sister greenflies, which are none. When it comes to unalienable rights, she is not even in the top third. The Constitution is no longer useful. We cling to a text that was drafted when there were muskets, no voting rights for minorities or women, and slavery.

The Constitution is comparable to a dress with pockets that you can't donate because it is so cosy. But it's worn out, dirty, ripped, and hopelessly out of date.

The males may be aching for their girlfriends, wives, sisters, and daughters despite their absence from any of these conversations about forced pregnancy and the ramifications of jail time even in cases of rape and incest.

When you don't have any stake in the outcome, the pain is of a different nature. If they can dress in suits covered in decals like NASCAR drivers, maybe they'll find their voice. The obnoxious logos of Sony, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Amazon would stick out because they all promise to support women.

The men would at least be visible then.

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