New Postpartum Depression in Mothers. How to tackle it?


New Postpartum Depression in Mothers. How to tackle it?

Bringing a child into the world is meant to be one of the most joyous experiences a person can have. Though, new moms who are suffering from postpartum depression can find things even more difficult and puzzling.

Symptoms commonly appear within the first month after delivery, Dr. Robert Costa stated, but they can develop at any moment throughout pregnancy or in the 12 months following delivery.

Postpartum depression is a significant disorder that can affect the entire family's well-being, particularly the mothers.

Hormonal changes can cause it, and people who have previously experienced anxiety or depression may be especially susceptible.

One out of every 10 new mothers will be diagnosed with the disease.

Depressed mood, decreased interest or enjoyment in activities, decreased sleep (insomnia), feelings of worthlessness and problems concentrating are also common symptoms. Suicidal thoughts, on the other hand, are perhaps the most serious, Dr Costa elaborated.

The federal government introduced a new maternal mental health hotline earlier this month.

The confidential, toll-free helpline is for expecting and new moms who are experiencing mental health issues.

Family members should keep an eye out for recurring symptoms and speak out if they do.

As healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to ensure that we investigate this with each and every patient who walks through the door, according to Dr Costa. You're less likely to miss somebody if you make it a normal procedure.

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